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Why isn't My Facebook Ad Campaign Generating Leads? - Knowledgebase / Command / Campaigns - Your KWGAP Support Team

Why isn't My Facebook Ad Campaign Generating Leads?

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If your Facebook campaign is not performing as expected, there are a few important things to check.

Multiple Ads Running  

If your ad is not receiving enough results but other ads using the same budget are, this is expected behavior. Facebook's ad delivery system predicts which ads will generate the best results, and sometimes this means that other ads in the same campaign won’t deliver. If you want your ads to deliver equally, try creating an A/B test.


Under-delivery can occur when there is high traffic on Facebook's ad platform. You will want to confirm that:

  • Your bids are high enough to offset market competition
  • Your ad sets are not targeting the same audience, which can cannibalize delivery
  • Your audiences are not too narrow. Consider broadening your targeting group when optimizing for conversions.
  • Your ad sets are delivering to across all placements (automatic placements)

Lead Capture Settings

If you selected the KW Landing page for lead capture, try testing with the Facebook lead form instead. The advantage is that Facebook already has contact information stored for their users, so they may be able to auto-populate fields in the lead capture form and save users a few steps. This can increase conversion rates compared with a landing page that the user has not yet visited.

Technical Issues

Monitor Facebook's Ads Status page for any concerns about known issues with delivery/reporting/editing.

Need More Help?

If the above doesn't help, please see Facebook's troubleshooting page here with additional suggestions. There is also a helpful section of articles on Advertising with Facebook. KW recommends that associates review this content to maximize success. 

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