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Why is my KW Agent Site unbranded or redirecting to - Knowledgebase / Command / Consumer / KW Agent Site - Your Keller Williams | Glover & Partners, Agent Solutions Team

Why is my KW Agent Site unbranded or redirecting to

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There are two main issues that might cause confusion around your KW Agent Site:

  • The first issue is that some agents find that their KW Agent Site shows as unbranded, even though it has been personalized in Command. This is caused by a toggle switch, in Command, that allows you to revert to an unbranded site instantly. This would be used if your site is flagged as being non-compliant. You can unbrand it, and then fix any compliance issues before turning it back on.

  • The second issue is that some agents find that their KW Agent Site domain is redirecting to The cause of this is that the agent was previously using a Placester site and did not choose the option of switching their domain to the KW Agent Site, using Agent Sites Options. If you were a KW agent before the transition from the Placester sites to KW Agent Sites, it is a good idea to ensure that this is not happening to your site. 

If you check your KW Agent Site and find that either of these issues are happening, follow the steps below to troubleshoot:



1. Go to and log in with your KW login credentials.

2. Click the Consumer icon on the left sidebar.

3. Click Site & App Settings, at the top right of the page.


The Site Branding Toggle (use if your site is unbranded)

1. At the top left of the page, you will see a toggle button labeled "Use my information to brand my Agent Site." This toggle button must be turned on for your KW Agent site to display the personalization that you created. 

  • Once you turn it on, it might take an hour or so for your branding and personalization to show up on your KW Agent Site.

If you notice that this toggle button was already turned on, check your website and make sure it is not redirecting to If it is, use the section below to learn how to troubleshoot:


Agent Sites Options (use if your site is redirecting to

1. At the top right of the page, click Agent Site Options.

2. To fix this, you must choose "I want to use the new KW Agent Sites," then click Submit.

3. This will open the Kelle Guide. Click Get Started to open the guide. If you already completed this Kelle Guide, you will see all of your content auto-filled, and you can just verify each section before finishing. 


Once you finish going through the Kelle Guide, it will take 24 hours to take effect, if you have already gone through the guide previously.

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