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Why is my Birthday Smartplan not working? - Knowledgebase / Command / Smart Plans - Your KWGAP Support Team

Why is my Birthday Smartplan not working?

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Currently, only the KW Birthday SmartPlan will flow with relation to a contact birthdate in Command. Custom made SmartPlans that are made to be like a Birthday SmartPlan will not work like the KW Birthday plan. There is not a custom SmartPlan trigger option for birthdates, so the plan cannot know when to trigger the start of the plan steps. 

If you are having issues with the steps and flow of your Birthday SmartPlan, then it is likely a custom SmartPlan. You will want to make sure to download the KW Birthday plan from the SmartPlan Library and we recommend to delete any custom birthday plans from your my SmartPlan list in order to avoid confusion. 

The KW Birthday Plan can only be downloaded once, so if you are unable to download it this means it is already in your my SmartPlan list. Make sure that you are downloading the KW Birthday SmartPlan from the Keller Williams SmartPlan Library and not the agent created plan library. 

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