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Why did my Twilio number transfer request fail? - Knowledgebase / Command / Command Settings / Twilio / Twilio FAQ - Your KWGAP Support Team

Why did my Twilio number transfer request fail?

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Most failures occur due to an incorrect phone number and/or email combination. Please ensure that when choose to transfer your account in Settings in Command, you enter:

1. The email address associated with your personal Twilio account. Note: this may be different from your KW email.
2. The phone number provided by Twilio that you currently use to text-message clients (not your personal cell phone or other number)

If you received a notification in Command that the first attempt failed, please re-enter the correct information and try again. Twilio will confirm within 24 hours whether the second attempt was successful. 


  • Click here to learn how to find your Twilio account information.

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