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Why are Market Center Forms missing from the Library? - Knowledgebase / Command / Opportunities / Compliance - Your KWGAP Support Team

Why are Market Center Forms missing from the Library?

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In most cases, when a form goes missing from the DocuSign Form Group for a Market Center, it's because the form was updated by the BOR and DocuSign archived the old version of the form. When this happens, the old version is removed from the Form Group but the new version is not automatically added back in.

If the form you need is available in your general DocuSign Form Library and is just missing from the Form Group, then your MCA just needs to re-add the form to the group. Reaching out to your MCA (Market Center Administrator) is the quickest way to resolve this, as we unfortunately don't have that capability on our end.

The forms available at each Market Center are managed by the MCA in conjunction with DocuSign. The MCA can manage the forms library as seen here: Access Your Market Center Form Libraries in DocuSign

Agents working in the office can access the DocuSign Form library by authenticating their NRDS credentials in DocuSign Settings as seen here: Enter and Validate Your NRDS ID in DocuSign

We would want to make sure you are looking in the correct place for the market center to see forms. If you are not in the admin section, such as when adding forms to a room, you cannot view the forms without having the NRDS validation in place.

Market Centers can also create form templates to share with their office. For these templates to show up to a new user in DocuSign, the agent will need to log into Command and “start a transaction” or “go to transaction” from within an Opportunity. There is a validation process that occurs when you access DocuSign from Command that adds you to the MC Template Group and allows you to use the MC Group Forms. You don’t have to send any documents or create an envelope. You just need to create or join the room in DocuSign from within an Opportunity in Command.

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