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What happens when a client unsubscribes from my SmartPlan email? - Knowledgebase / Command / Smart Plans - Your Keller Williams | Glover & Partners, Agent Solutions Team

What happens when a client unsubscribes from my SmartPlan email?

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When a contact unsubscribes from an email that came from a SmartPlan, they are unsubscribed from that specific SmartPlans emails. If you add them to a different SmartPlan they will get those emails and have to unsubscribe from that specific SmartPlan email. The unsubscribe on the email is specific to the SmartPlan it was a part of. 

For example, if a client unsubscribes from the Monthly Neighborhood Nurture emails, they will not get anymore emails from this specific SmartPlan. However, if you have them on another plan or subscribe them to a new plan, they will get those emails from those different SmartPlans


A few nuances:

  • When a client unsubscribes from a SmartPlan email, they will still be subscribed to the overall SmartPlan. So they will no longer get the emails, but they can still get any texts on the plan. You will also still get any tasks for the contact from the plan. To completely remove the contact from the plan, you will need to unsubscribe them from it in Command.

  • The Monthly Neighborhood Nurture and Bi-Weekly Nurture plans function differently. When the client unsubscribes from these emails, the contact will be unsubscribed from the overall SmartPlan by the system. In this situation, if the email step cannot be executed, the contact is removed.


Best practices and things to consider:

  • SmartPlans use Command Email, so we recommend taking a look at this article on Command Email Best Practices.

  • There is currently not a Bell notification or timeline interaction when a client unsubscribes from a SmartPlan email. There is also not a report to show unsubscribes at this time. Command is always improving and we recommend submitting any feedback or suggestions to

  • If a client reaches out about still receiving marketing from you and they no longer want any marketing emails, there are a few steps we recommend. First, check their contact card to remove them from any active SmartPlans. Then, add a tag to the contact so that you know not to send them SmartPlan marketing in the future or until they request further marketing.

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