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Vote or Comment on Local Insights with Kelle

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Keller Williams has diverted technology resources away from the Kelle App to focus on improving Command, including a tool that will replace this App. While you can still use the Kelle App, this means Kelle App issues will no longer be supported.


Vote and comment on Local Insights to ensure the best hyper-local neighborhood information is available. Stand out as the neighborhood expert with just a click on the up or down-vote icon or add a comment.   

If you see an insight about a favorite dining place that is spot on, rather than clutter the map with another insight, add an enthusiastic thumbs up. You can even add a comment such as “They also have a play area for kids.” 

1. Log in to Kelle with your Keller Williams credentials.

2. Search for a Local Insight and tap to select one you want to view. Click here to learn how to search for a Local Insight with Kelle.

Up-Vote or Down-Vote  
To vote on the insight, tap either the thumbs-up icon,or thumbs-down icon.
Add a Comment 
To add a comment, tap the comment icon enter your comment that will add value to the insight, and tap Send

Your votes and comments are immediately added to the insight to fuel the the soon-to-be-released consumer app with powerful insights consumers will love using.

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