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View Your Client's Collections in Command

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As your clients are creating Collections on your KW Site and App you are are able to view the listings in those collections within their contact record. 

Each person that creates an account on your KW App or Site will either become a new contact or will connect with an existing contact record, in Command (Contacts uses the email address, used in the registration and in the contact record, to connect with existing contacts), which is where you can view the listings in their collections.


To learn how to view your client's Collections, please follow the steps below:


Contacts Dashboard View

Each of your contacts that have created an account on your KW app or site will have a green registered icon, next to their name. Also, you can use the Last Visited Column to see which contacts are interacting with either your KW app or site, and when they are logging in:


Contact Record

Click on any of your registered contacts to see their consumer activity. Here you will see when they created their collection, when they have made edits, and what listings are in their collection.

  • You can click any listing link and you will be directed to the listing on your KW Site.

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