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Use the Text Panel in the Design Editor - Knowledgebase / Command / Designs - Your KWGAP Support Team

Use the Text Panel in the Design Editor

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The Text Panel enables users to add editable banners, add and utilize pre-loaded, Validated Text Blocks, or just add a text box.

To learn how to get started with the Design Editor, click here.

 Add - Users can add text boxes to the image by clicking the preferred type of text and then entering the desired text they would like displayed on the image.  

 Banner - Users can choose a banner from a selection of pre-made banners to be added into the image.

 Company - Users can add text by choosing from a selection provided by Keller Williams.

 My Library - This information pulls from your personal asset library. To learn more, click here.


Add a Text Box

 Once the text box type has been selected users can then re-position the text box, adjust the size of the text, style of the text, and also the color of the text.

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