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Use the Map to Find a Referral Partner

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You are a member of the largest, most powerful network of real estate professionals. With the KW Referral Platform, you can seamlessly send, track and receive referrals all in one place Command! Take full advantage of it by growing and leveraging a vast referral network without toggling between texts, emails, and spreadsheets.

To learn how to grow your KW Referral Network or to find an agent to send a referral to, follow the steps below:


1. Log in to, with your KW login credentials.

2. Click the Referrals icon, , on the left side of the page.

3. Click Map, at the top of the page.


Map Views
There are a few different map views that will allow you to search the Referrals map in unique ways:

Production View - this view puts a dot on the map for each deal that agents have closed on (US and Canada only). Each dot represents a closed buyer or seller transaction, located at the location of the home that was bought or sold. This allows you to zoom into a specific area, and see only agents who have done deals, in that area, in the last 12-month period.

  • Hover over an agent on the results list, and the dots associated with their closed deals will turn red.
  • Hover over individual dots on the map, and the agent associated with that closed deal will be highlighted in the results list.

Market Center View - this view adds an icon on the map for each Market Center, . When you click on a Market Center icon, the results will then be a direct reflection of the roster for that Market Center.

  • Search around the world to find referral partners from our KW Worldwide regions.



Business Centers do not show on the Referral map. Agents who belong to a Business Center will show up in the roster of their parent Market Center, on the map. 


Referral Network View - this view puts everyone in your Referral Network on the map. You will see their profile picture on the map where they are located, which will give you a good visual look of who you have in your network, where you are looking to send a referral.

Referral Patterns - this view does not allow you to find specific agents, but to see patterns of referrals that are sent or received.

  • To learn more about Referral Patterns, click here.


1. Click the Filter button,above the results list, to access the Filter Panel.

2. Use the Filter Agents Panel to narrow your results. The production filters will allow you to refine the results based on a minimum number of closed units, listings sold, buyer sales, and lease transactions. The KW Specializations filter will allow you to find agents who are KW MAPS Mastery clients, or who are affiliated with a KW membership division.



The production numbers and specialization statuses the filters are searching represent information from the last 12-month period. This is to ensure the data is current. 

3. Click Apply Filter, at the bottom of the Filter Agents Panel, to apply those filters (this is blocked by the chat box and Labs button right now, but we are working on fixing that - click any portion of the button you can see and it will apply those filters).


Use the Sort drop-down to choose a new sorting option:


Add to Your Referral Network or Send a Referral
Once you narrow down the results and find the right associate, you have the option of adding them to your Referral Network or sending them a referral directly from the results list.

Click the corresponding icon to add the agent to your Referral Network, , or to send a direct referral, , to the right of their name.


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