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Use the Logos Panel in the Design Editor - Knowledgebase / Command / Designs - Your Keller Williams | Glover & Partners, Agent Solutions Team

Use the Logos Panel in the Design Editor

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Within the Design editor, the Logos panel enables users to add KW logos or to add and build their own logo library.

To learn how to get started with the Design Editor, click here.

 Company - Users can add logos by choosing from a selection of logos provided by Keller Williams. 

 My Library - Any images you add to your asset library will be available here. To learn more about customizing your asset library, click here.


Add a Logo

To add a logo, hover over the icon in the panel and click the Add Logo button, , click the Replace Logo button, ,to replace the image, and click the Remove button, , at the top right of the page, to delete.

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