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Use the Images Panel in the Design Editor

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Within the Design editor, the Image Panel enables users to add their own images from their social media platforms or choose from a library of stock and company images.

 Add -  Users can add images by dragging and dropping an image into the designated section or clicking the add image button and selecting the image from their computer. 

Users may also add photos from their social accounts by clicking any of the options. They will be directed to sign in to their social media account before the photos are added into the Designs editor.

Company - Users can add images by choosing from a selection of images provided by Keller Williams.

 My Library - Any images you add to your asset library will be available here. To learn more about customizing your asset library, click here.


Add an Image

After the image has been selected, you can hover the image to see the options available. To add an image, hover over the icon in the panel and click the Add Image button, , click the Replace Image button,to replace the image, and click the Remove button, at the top right of the page, to delete.


My Library 

This information pulls from your personal asset library. To learn more, click here.

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