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Track and Manage Your Referrals

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You are a member of the largest, most powerful network of real estate professionals. With the KW Referral Platform, you can seamlessly send, track, and receive referrals all in one place! Take full advantage of it by growing and leveraging a vast referral network without toggling between texts, emails, and spreadsheets.

To learn how to track and manage your referrals, follow the steps below:


1. Log in to, with your KW login credentials.

2. Click the Referrals icon, , on the left side bar.

3. At the top left of the page, click My Referrals.


My Referrals

 Through the My Referrals page, you can find every referral you have ever sent or received. By default, you will see Pending referrals (or Active referrals, but you can click on the various statuses, to view other referrals. You can select any combination of statuses to view, and the name of the status will be highlighted in teal, if it is selected:

  • Pending - this filter will show referrals that need attention. Either you sent a referral and are waiting on a response, or you have received a referral and need to accept, reject or counter (see #4 for more info on how to take action).
  • Active - this filter will show referrals that have been accepted, with the transaction in progress.
  • Funded - this filter will show referrals that have successfully closed. The sending referral agent should be paid their referral fee, once a referral is funded.
  • Lost - this filter will show referrals that have unsuccessfully closed. The agent working the referral must provide a reason why the transaction was not completed, which you can access in the Activity Log of the referral (see #7).
  • Expired - every referral sent has an Expiration Deadline. This filter will show referrals that were not responded to within the given deadline.
  • Rejected - this filter will show referrals, sent or received, that were rejected by the receiving agent.
  • All - this filter will show all referrals, regardless of status.

 In addition to the status filters, you can use the Filters button to narrow down you list by specific criteria:

  • Client Type - buyer, seller, landlord, and tenant.
  • Referral Type - regular, broadcast, and tracked (tracked referrals are referrals from outside of the KW ecosystem that you are tracking within the Referrals platform).
  • Client Details - pre-qualified and pre-approved.
  • Referral Fee - use the slider to set the referral fee range you want to filter by.
  • Property Price Range - use the price range counters to set the price range you want to filter by.

 Use the drop-downs, on either the sent or received columns to sort your referrals by specific criteria: newest, oldest, price range (high to low), and price range (low to high).

 When you receive a referral, you will have  1 – 96 hours to respond, depending on how they set up the Referral Request. Every pending referral will have a count down timer, based on the Acceptance Deadline.

You have the option to Accept or Reject the offer, and the system will give you the option of leaving a note; or, you can Counter the offer, and the system will have you set the Referral Fee, set a new Acceptance Deadline, and add a note (optional). When you choose any of these options, the pop-up will display the agent's phone number and email address, if you want to reach out directly.

 We now have the ability to track the progress of the Opportunity for all of our referrals. Once you accept a referral, you will be prompted to create an Opportunity for the transaction. The agent who sent the referral will receive email notifications, every time the Opportunity moves to a different Opportunity Phase, and you can track the progress through My Referrals as well.

 Whether you are the sending or receiving agent, you can click Send Update to add notes and messages to a referral. You can access these updates by clicking Notes & Updates, on the referral card:

 Click the Activity Log link on any referral in your Referrals Dashboard to see a time-stamped log of the history and any notes that have been sent. This will include when the referral was sent, when action was taken on the pending referral, notes & updates, and all of the Opportunity activity.

  Click the menu button (three dots) on any referral card, to see the actions you can take. These actions will depend on the status and type of referral.

  • For all referrals, these actions will include viewing the Activity Log and Sending an Update
  • On a received pending referral, you can also accept, reject or counter.
  • For active referrals that you have received and are working, you have some additional options:
    • Mark as Lost - if you are sent a referral and accept, but the transaction ends up not closing, mark the referral as lost and provide a reason.
    • Mark as Funded - if you are sent a referral and accept, and the transaction closes, mark the referral as funded once you are ready to pay out the referral fee.

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