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Track and Manage Paid Ad Campaigns

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In the Paid Ads tab, you can see different analytics all on one screen to know your ROIs and more results from your marketing campaigns. Once you have started with at least one marketing campaign, the Paid Ads dashboard provides you with this data about your results. 

To track and manage Paid Ad Campaigns:


1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.

2. Click the Campaigns icon, on the left side of the page.

3. Click Paid Ads at the top of the page.




If your initial Campaigns dashboard does not appear like the image above, don't worry - everybody will have a different dashboard depending on their usage of Campaigns in the past 3 months. There are three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Click here to learn more.





 An overview displaying certain metrics will be displayed here.  

 Here is where you can search for specific campaigns.

 Use this tab to view All Campaigns, Active CampaignsDraft CampaignsPast Campaigns, and Archived Campaigns.

 Here is where you can filter campaigns based on goals.

 Here is where you can filter campaigns based on social media channels.

 Overview - Your marketing campaign title.

 Preview - A preview of the campaign. If the campaign is in a Draft or Review status then a preview will not be displayed. 

 Status  – The current status of a marketing campaign:    
     • Draft – Your ad is created, but not yet activated.
     • Approved – Your ad was approved by Facebook and will begin running shortly.
     • Disapproved – Your ad was not approved by Facebook. Please review and resubmit your ad.
     • Active – Your ad is on and currently running.
     • Paused – Your ad is not delivering. This may be due to recent completion.
     • Complete – Your ad completed delivery.
     • Payment Failure – Unable to process your payment. Please resubmit your ad.  
     • Pending Review – Your ad reached the intended channel and is awaiting review. 

 Duration - How long the campaign is scheduled to take.

 Cost per 1000 People Reached (CPM) – The average cost to reach 1,000 people.

 Cost Per Click (CPC) – The average cost for each click in your pay-per-click ad camp

 CPLC - The average cost per lead captured.

 Total Spend – The maximum amount you are willing to spend on your marketing campaign; on average each day or over the lifetime of your scheduled ads.

 Goal - The goal for the campaign.  

 For Campaign Drafts, you can click the three dots next to the campaign to see the Preview, Edit, Duplicate, and Archive options, which allow you to manage your marketing campaigns.

For Active Campaigns, you can click the three dots next to the campaign to see the Download CSV, Duplicate, Edit, and Stop Campaign options.

For Completed Campaigns, you may also click you can click the three dots next to the campaign to see the Download CSV, Duplicate, and Archive options as well.

You can also click the Information icon located at the top right of the page to see these definitions.

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