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Top Producer Field Mapping

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When you transfer your contacts from the Top Producer export file to the "Command Contact Import Template", you will need to know how the fields in these two different systems match up. 

  • If you use the "Command Contact Import Template", you will notice Top Producer does not have information for some Command fields. You can manually fill in any blank fields in the "Command Contact Import Template" for those fields to import to Command.
  • If Command does not have a field that is in Top Producer, you can create a "Custom Field" in Command. Manully add that information after your contacts have been imported. Click here to learn more about creating "Custom Fields".
  • Leave any field blank on the "Command Contact Import Template" if you do not have data in that field. For example, do not enter "N/A".  

The following table can help you determine how to match the Top Producer fields to the Command fields when you copy and paste to the "Command Contacts Import Template". 


Command Field Category Command FieldTop Producer  FieldNotes
Contact Name and DescriptionFirst Name First Name 
Middle NameInitial  Not in Top Producer 
Last Name Last Name 
Prefix Not in Top Producer 
Full Legal Name Not in Top Producer 
About Not in Top Producer 
Mobile PhoneCountry Code Not in Top Producer  
Mobile Phone Mobile Phone  
Home PhoneCountry Code Not in Top Producer   
Home Phone Home Phone 
Work PhoneCountry Code Not in Top Producer   
Work Phone Business Phone 
EmailEmail Email Address  
Email 2 Other Email_Web Address  
Address 1Street Street 
City City  
State/Province State  
Postal Code Zip  
Address 2Street Not in Top Producer
Postal Code 
Company AddressCompany Company 
Street Not in Top Producer
Postal Code 
TitlePrimary Title  
Department Not in Top Producer
Key DatesBirthdayPrimary BirthdayAlso a Secondary Birthday in Top Producer  
Home Anniversary Not in Top Producer 
Status Group (Stage)Captured/
 Not in Top Producer 
System TagsAgent


Contact Type

The Top Producer Contact Types do not match up  with the System Tags in Command. Use a User (Custom) Tag in Command if there is not a match. 
Loan Officer
Short Sale
Allied Resource
Referral Sources
First Time Buyer
User (Custom) TagsTags Groups in Top Producer do not export, manually add the contact groups as User (Custom) Tags in Command.
NotesNotes Contact Notes 
Source Source 
Other Source There are different source types in Top Producer: List Source, Closing Source, and Referral Source in Top Producer.  
Added Not in Top Producer  
Social MediaFacebook Social Media profiles do not export from Top Producer. You can manually add these the "Command Contact Import Template". 



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