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Sync or Import Your Market Leader Contacts into Command

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We now have two ways to bring Market Leader contacts into Command. The first is a sync process, from Market Leader to Google Contacts, then from Google Contacts to Command using the PieSync integration. The second method uses the traditional import process in Command Contacts. To learn more about these two methods, follow the steps below:



For both parts of this sync option, you can keep the systems synced in real time moving forward, or you can set this up as a temporary, short term sync to bring your contacts over, and then turn off the connections:

1. First, you can sync Market Leader with your Google Contacts. Click here to learn more.


2. Once you sync Market Leader to Google Contacts, we can now use PieSync to sync your Google Contacts with Command. Click here to learn more.



This second method involves the traditional import process. You will export your contacts from Market Leader, transfer the contacts to the Command Contact Import Template, then import the list into Command:

1. Export your contacts from Market Leader (click here to learn how to do this, click the Export tab in the article) and keep the export list open.


2. Log in to  with your Keller Williams login credentials.


3.Click the Contacts icon, , on the left sidebar, to access your contact list.


4. Click Import, at the top right of the page.


5. In the Import Contacts pop-up, access the Command Contact Import Template by clicking the word DOWNLOAD in blue. 


6. On your screen, put the two spreadsheets next to each other and copy/paste the information from the eEdge export file to the Command Contact Import Template, one column at a time, making sure that you are pasting the information in the corresponding column. 



When adding contact information to the Command Contact Import Template, leave any field blank that you don't have information for.

Click here for more information on how to transfer contact info from one spreadsheet to another.



7. Add any additional information that did not export from eEdge, to the import template, and save the file as a .CSV file type (use the .CSV (Comma Delimited) file type if using a Windows computer).


8. On the Command "Import Contacts" pop-up, drop the file into the space provided or click to browse for the file that you saved.

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