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Set Up Your Agent Site

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With Agent Sites in Command, you will be able to build a highly personalized and engaging website for your clients to interact with. In addition to that - your Agent Site will be completely integrated into Command for seamless lead capturing, instant follow-ups with leads and contacts, tracking those interactions, and seeing what listings your clients might be interested in. You also have the ability to create standalone landing pages, not attached to your website, for any purpose you want.


To learn more about Agent Sites in Command, use the resources below:


1. Complete the Kelle Guide

The Sites Kelle Guide walks you step-by-step through the creation and launch of your new website. Within the Kelle Guide you will be able to transfer your sub-domain from Placester to Command.


If you chose to use a paid Placester site, but then decided to utilize the Command Agent Site instead, you must complete the Agent Sites Kelle Guide to generate your new site.


1. Log in to with your KW login credentials.


2. Click the Consumer icon, on the left sidebar.


3. Click Configure your Site at the bottom of the page.

Kelle Guide Considerations

  • When entering phone numbers in the Kelle Guide, the system will auto-format these, do not enter any spaces or special characters.
  • If the Marketing Profile Information section, of the Agent Sites Kelle Guide, will not save properly and you have completed every required field, try re-uploading the profile picture.
  • When inputting a URL or web address in the Kelle Guide, ensure that you add "https://" to the beginning of the address (e.g.


Custom Domains

  • If you have a custom domain you can work with your domain provider and configure your domain to forward to your new agent site. For example: ->
  • Here are links to these steps for some notable domain providers, if your custom domain provider is not on this list you should be able to easily find the steps for your specific domain provider by going to their direct website.


Website Analytics

  • If you use Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics to track website traffic and usage, you have the ability to add these tracking IDs to your Command Marketing Profile, which will then start tracking traffic to your website and any standalone landing pages you have created and shared.
    • Click here to learn how to add these tracking IDs.


2. Create Custom Pages for Your Site 

You have the ability to add custom pages to your site, which you will build through the Sites applet in Command. There is a growing list of widgets, that make it easy to build the page layout and fill in with relevant content.

  • Click here to learn how to create a custom site page.
  • Click here to learn how to create a Meet the Team page (teams only) for your site.


3. Customize Your Agent Site Navigation 

Once you create custom pages for your site, you will need to use Agent Site Settings to activate the page, customize the SEO settings, and add it to your site navigation. This is also how you will reorder the pages that appear on your site.

  • Click here to learn how to customize your Agent Site navigation and manage your site pages.


4. Create Saved Searches

Once your Command Agent Site is live, you can create a Saved Search for any of your contacts. With Saved Searches, you can set a range of search criteria, for an area your client is interested in, and the system will automatically send an email to your client whenever there is a new or updated listing in the area that meets that criteria.

  • Click here to learn how to create a Saved Search for your clients.


5. Select Featured Listings for Agent Site and KW App

After you Agent Site has been created, you can select up to 12 specific listings to be featured on your KW App and Site. This is a great way to promote your listings and ensure they have the proper visibility.

  • Click here to learn how to select featured listings for your Agent Site and KW App

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