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Set Up Call Forwarding for Twilio

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Keller Williams has partnered with Twilio to enable agents to send text messages to contacts through Command. In addition to that, agents are also able to set up call forwarding through Twilio. Agents will be able to stay even more connected with clients by sending incoming calls to a phone number you can answer. 

To learn how to set up call forwarding for Twilio, follow the steps below:


1. Log in to with your KW login credentials.

2. Click your name and select Settings from the drop-down.

3. Scroll down the list and find the Twilio connection. Click Manage.

4. Click Set Up Call Forwarding.



  • The cost to set up call forwarding is 6 credits. This is a one time charge.
  • Any forwarded calls using a +1 country code will cost 3 credits per minute.
  • All other country codes will cost 5 credits per minute.
  • Calls from the following countries codes are not forwarded:
    • Australia (+61), Colombia (+57), Vietnam (+84), and the Philippines (+63)

5. Enter the desired mobile or VOIP number, click the checkbox acknowledging the costs for call forwarding, and click Assign Number.

6. A verification code will be sent to the phone number that was entered. Enter the verification code and click Verify Number.

7. A banner will appear notifying that you have successfully assigned the call forwarding number for your Twilio account.

  • When a user answers a call, a pre-recorded voice message will identify the user is receiving a call from the Twilio forwarded number. 
  • If a new number has been setup (after replacing an old setup number) the old number will receive a text message confirming the removal of call forwarding.
  • If an agent doesn’t have call forwarding setup they will receive a bell notification for “missed” calls until call forwarding is setup.

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