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Saved Search vs Collection

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Use the resource below to better understand the differences between a saved search and a collection in Command.

  • Click here to learn how to create saved searches for contacts.
  • Click here to learn how to view client collections in Command.
Saved SearchCollection
Dynamic -  The saved search is updated every time a property fits the criteria of the saved search. If a property no longer fits the criteria of the saved search, it is removed.Static - The properties are added and removed by the creator of the collection.
Single Criteria - The saved search creator is only able to create 1 set of criteria for the saved search.
(Ex: Houses in Austin, with 3 bedrooms, under $600,000)
Multiple Criteria - The collection creator can add any property based on any criteria.
(Ex: One property can be a condo in Miami and another property can be a 3 bedroom house in Austin)
Uncurated - All properties that fit criteria of the saved search are added to the list automatically. The only way to add a property to the list that doesn't meet the criteria is to expand the criteria to include that property. Curated - Properties can added and removed by the collection author based on any preference.


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