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Reference Numbers in Command

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Ever need a quick resource that tells you a given number that you are looking for? This list is used by the Tech Support Team as a quick reference for a lot of number-related questions. Ever wonder if there is a known word limit within certain parts of Command? If there is a size requirement for a photo in Command? This sheet has that quick info below:


TagFeature DescriptionNumbers
Agent SitesAgent Sites Hero Image resolution and aspect ratio5256 x 3936 (4:3)
Agent SitesAgent Sites Header Image Resolution and Aspect Ratio3840 x 960 (4:1)
Agent SitesAgent Site will be removed five business days after an agent's role is removed. This includes both freeing up the subdomain and removing the actual web pages.5
CampaignsRecommended resolution for Instagram Story ads within Command1080 x 1920
CampaignsPDF max size for RealMailer5 MB
Campaignsmax for custom audience in Facebook campaign100
Command ContactsCommand contact relationships limit3
ContactsDays to data refresh Neighborhood Snap URL30
ContactsCommand Import Limit for Contacts- Can have more but must import in groups of 40004000
ContactsMax number of total contacts allowed in KWCommandno limit (that we know of yet)
ContactsCharacter Limit for Contact Name in Command50
ContactsNumber of addresses you can add to a contact4
ContactsTask character limit in Command3000
DesignsDirect mail campaign image dimension requirements1275px in height and 1875px in width.
KelleLowest version of Android accepted by the Kelle app4.4
KelleLowest version of iOS accepted by the Kelle app8
Kelle/ReferralsProduction numbers update on a rolling 12 month period on profilerolling 12 month period
KW Mobile AppLowest version of Android accepted by the KW Mobile app4.0.3
KW Mobile AppLowest version of iOS accepted by the KW Mobile app8
KWConnectProfile photo for KWConnect, Profile images should be an exact square so they don’t skew500x500
KWConnectError on KWconnect, means the right permissions aren't in place to access the page/info403
KWConnectError on KWconnect, means the link/page does not exist.404
KWLSManually uploaded pictures in the KWLS. MLS feeds will pull in more, but only this number can be edited.30
KWLSMax photo size for KWLS1024 x 1024
KWLSMaximum character limit for listing descriptions in the KWLS4000
KWLSMax file size for KWLS Photos entered manually7.9 MB
KWLSTime before a listing will be archived in the KWLS if not active or pending. It cannot be edited further.180 days
Landing PagesLanding Pages video widgetMP4 or M4V file type only, No size limit
Landing Pagesmarket neighborhood snap landing pages - is the default filter for how far back it goes6 months
MarketPlaceCommand Essentials / Mastering Command Agent Price$267
MarketPlaceCommand Essentials / Mastering Command Team Price$357
OpportunitiesDocument size when uploading a document to an opportunity1GB max limit
OpportunitiesAmount of time a closed opportunity will remain in the Sales Pipeline30 Days or end of current calendar month it closed in
OpportunitiesMax Documents able to bulk upload25
OpportunitiesLimit on size of document1GB
Profit ShareMinimum amount to receive 1099 for Profit Share$600
SettingsMax number of Neighborhoods that can be selected under My Neighborhoods in Command Settings10
SettingsCommand Marketing Profile Photo dimensions360 x 360 pixels
SettingsKW Connect Banner profile picture dimensions1920 X 313
SmartPlansMax number of characters in SMS message.480
SmartPlansMax number of characters in simple email.2000
White PagesWhite Pages profile photo500 x 500
White PagesCharacter Limit Total for White Pages bio4,000


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