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PieSync + Command FAQ List

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Setting up PieSync inside Command

What is PieSync and why should I use it?

How do I set up PieSync in Command?

What if I already have a PieSync account?

Which apps does PieSync support?

Can I choose which leads/contacts to sync?

Can PieSync sync companies, Opportunities, notes, activities, calendars, or emails?

Do you recommend anything before starting the sync (clean up contacts)? 

How can I sync labels/groups in Google contacts?

How frequently does PieSync sync contacts?

Configuring PieSync

How do the IF/THEN rules work?

How do the Field Mappings work?

How do I one-way sync or import contacts through PieSync?

How can I sync labels/groups in Google contacts?

How do I sync Lead Source or Contact Ownership?

How frequently does PieSync sync contacts?



How does the pricing work?

How do I know which connections are free through Keller Williams?

What happens if I sync more contacts than I’m allowed to sync?

Why am I being upgraded?



Not all my contacts are syncing! What can I do?

How do I disable the "only sync contacts that have an email address" Setting?


I deleted some contacts and they aren’t deleted in the other app.

How long does it take to sync contacts or updates made to contacts?

Why can my fields only be mapped one-way?

Why can I only sync the company field one-way/ Why can’t I sync company fields?

When I try to sync to tags in KW Command it says no options available?


Further reference material

Help articles for the most consulted cloud applications that you can connect with Command


General Questions

If you disconnect a sync, will contacts stay in both apps?

What are the limitations in field mappings?

Do I need to create two connections to sync both my iPhone contacts and Google Contacts with Command?

What is the way the system recognizes the person is the same in both systems? Name, email address, other?

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