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Order Prints in Designs

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Ordering prints from Designs is not available for every design type. For instance, you are not able to print a multipage design, e.g. a listing presentation. If you see the Order Print option, at the top of the design editor, then you have the ability to print.

Also, keep in mind that payment and delivery of design prints are handled outside of the sphere of Keller Williams Realty International. Keller Williams has partnered with Desygner for this service and uses the Desygner Print Network for these deliveries. As such, contact the Desygner Customer Service team for any billing or delivery issues.


In Command, once you have created a print marketing design, you now have the ability to order prints of those designs to be delivered to a single location. Once delivered, you can distribute in any way that makes sense to your business.

For the first version of this functionality, the Order Print functionality is limited to business cards, flyers, brochures and a few other design template types, but there is a possibility of expanding this in the future. When ordering prints, you have options when selecting paper thickness and paper type. When selecting the number of prints to order, you are able to order a minimum of 10 prints and a maximum of 1000 prints.

To order Prints in Designs:



1. Log in to with your KW login credentials.

2. Click the Designs icon,, on the left sidebar.

3. Create your print design and finalize the details.

4. Once the design has been finalized and saved, click Order Print at the top right of the page.


Print Options
1. At the top right of the print panel, use select a country. This will ensure you see the correct currency and delivery details.

2. Select a paper thickness. This can range from budget (roughly the thickness of normal computer paper) to Premium (roughly the thickness of card stock). The options you see here depend on the design template type you are working with.

  • Budget (100 – 150 gsm or 60 – 80 lb)
  • Standard (150 – 200 gsm or 90 -100 lb)
  • Premium (250 – 350 gsm or 100 to 130 lb)

3. Select the paper stock. This is the type and quality of the paper the design will be printed on. The options you see here depend on the design template type you are working with.

  • Silk - somewhere between a gloss and a matt finish. It has a slight sheen to it, but without the mirror-like shine of full gloss.
  • Uncoated - perfect for those who want to write something on the cards like a price or note to your customers.

4. Select the number of copies to be ordered. The minimum amount that can be ordered is 10 and the maximum amount is 1000. As you select the number of copies, you will see the total amount adjust, at the bottom of the panel.

5. Click Continue, at the bottom of the print panel.


Review Your Design
1. Now you will need to review your final design. Look at every component of the design and adjust as needed. In this view, you can move, resize, edit (in a limited fashion) and delete components, but not add anything new. For the best view of this, you can click to download a print proof, where you can zoom in and get a good look at the design review:

  • Bleed Area - make sure your background is stretched to or beyond the edges of the canvas (the red lines on the outside of the design). This will ensure no unintended white edges appear, on the outside of your design, when you print.
  • Safe Area - all important text and graphics should fit within the Safe Area (contained within the green lines). Anything outside of this area may get cut off when printing.
  • Is the text clear and legible (not too small)?
  • Everything accurate? Spelled correctly?
  • Do images have enough quality (not blurry)?

2. Before you can proceed, you must check the Download a print proof PDF to review (this will download the proof to your computer, if you haven't done so already) and terms and conditions check boxes, after reviewing each.

3. Click Continue, at the bottom of the print panel.


Finalize Your Order
1. Enter your namecontact information, and shipping address. If your billing address is different than you shipping address, click Add Different Billing Address, below the shipping address section, and enter.

2. Select the shipping option you want to use. These options might change, depending on the shipping address.

3. Enter you card details, then click Place Order.


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