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Notifications in Command (Agents)

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In Command, we have several notifications that will let you know when something important happens, so that you can take action. There are three types of notifications:

Email - for these notifications, an email will be sent to the email address you have added to your KW White Pages profile. Click here to learn how to complete your KW White Pages profile.

Command - at the top right of Command, you will see a red dot on the bell icon, . Click to see your Command Notifications.

Kelle - ensure that you download the Kelle App on your phone and log in with your KW login credentials. Then, in your phone settings, ensure that you turn on push notifications for the Kelle App. Click here to learn how to download Kelle.

Use the resource below to see the notifications that you will get through Command, and where the notifications will appear:

AppletNotification DescriptionType of Notification
ReferralsTimes Up! Select Your Referral Partner NowEmail, Kelle
ReferralsNew Referral Broadcast OpportunityEmail, Kelle
ReferralsAccepted Referral Broadcast OpportunityEmail, Kelle
ReferralsReferral Opportunity WonEmail, Kelle
ReferralsReferral Partner Selected, Opportunity ClosedEmail, Kelle
ReferralsExpiring ReferralEmail, Kelle
ReferralsOne of your referrals is about to expireEmail, Kelle
ReferralsOne of your outgoing referrals just expiredEmail, Kelle
ReferralsNew Referral RequestEmail, Kelle
ReferralsUpdated Referral RequestEmail, Kelle
ReferralsAccepted Referral RequestEmail, Kelle
ReferralsCountered Referral RequestEmail, Kelle
ReferralsRejected Referral RequestEmail, Kelle
ReferralsLost Referral RequestEmail, Kelle
ReferralsFunded Referral RequestEmail, Kelle
ReferralsNew Assigned ReferralEmail, Kelle
OpportunitiesCompliance approved (goes to all assignees and the Opportunity Owner)Command
OpportunitiesCompliance rejected (goes to all assignees and the Opportunity Owner)Email, Command, Kelle
OpportunitiesCommission approved (goes to all assignees and the Opportunity Owner)Command
OpportunitiesCommission rejected (goes to all assignees and the Opportunity Owner)Command, Kelle
Opportunities/Command MC@mentions within folder level messagingCommand, Kelle
ContactsAgent Sites/App - new "site registration"Email, Command, Kelle
ContactsAgent Sites/App - consumer logged inCommand, Kelle
ContactsAgent Sites/App - "contact us" form has been completed/Schedule a tour/Ask a questionEmail, Command, Kelle
ContactsLanding Page - when a lead form is submittedEmail, Command, Kelle
ContactsIncoming SMS Message - Sms from contact to Agent (must have Twilio Connected in Command)Kelle, Command
ContactsImport Contacts - Success / Failed Import ContactCommand, Kelle
ContactsExport Contact - Completed Export ContactCommand, Kelle
ContactsExport Mailing Label - Completed Export Mailing LabelCommand, Kelle
Other Services  
Keller MortgageClient has begun a Loan ApplicationEmail, Kelle
Keller MortgageLoan is FundedEmail, Kelle
Keller MortgageClient is PreApprovedEmail, Kelle
Keller MortgageLoan is Clear to closeEmail, Kelle
Keller MortgageAppraisal is CompleteEmail, Kelle


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