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My Command & DocuSign Workflow

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Start in Command to manage your transaction and submit your signed documents to your Market Center for Review. Transition to DocuSign through the integration with Command and send out forms and documents for signatures. (You will need to have DocuSign connected via your Settings within Command.)


1. Create/Find Your Contact within Command

Identify or add your Contact into Command. Once added, begin the transaction and manage the Opportunity applet within Command.

2. Create and Prepare Your Opportunity for Compliance

Manage the Opportunity from start to finish within the Opportunities applet. First create the buyer or seller opportunity for your transaction and add as much detail as possible as this will assist in later steps. Include dates, people, property information and dollar amounts. You can update the details throughout the life cycle and it can be synced back to DocuSign.

3. Select a Compliance Checklist for Your Opportunity

After creating the Opportunity, begin the Compliance process by selecting a Compliance Checklist created by your Market Center in the Documents tab. The Checklist will detail the required documents for the transaction.

4. Start a Transaction

Start a Transaction, which will engage with DocuSign through the integrated Command connection and create the DocuSign Room.

5. Prepare your Documents and Forms for Compliance

Working within the Room you created, prepare your documents and forms for signatures. Select and pull in the appropriate forms created and uploaded by your Market Center from form groups or library. This is where you’ll make updates and edits to your documents prior to signature.

6. Create and Send your Documents for Signature

Once your completed documents are in the Room, create an envelope to send the documents out for signature via email. Within the Envelope you will be able to assign pre-tagged roles and make any final edits to the document before sending for signature or review.

7. Upload your signed documents to your Opportunity

Once the signed documents are returned within your room, you are ready to return to your Opportunity within Command and upload the signed versions of your documents into the Compliance Checklist.

8. Submit your Signed Documents to your Market Center

After uploading the signed documents into the Opportunity within Command, submit your documents to your Market Center for Compliance review. Once submitted, check here for documents that have been approved, returned or rejected.

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