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Missing Contacts? Check These Places First

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When you see that you are missing contacts or cannot find them in Command, there are a few important places to check.

If you are a single agent (not on a Team):

1. Check the contact Archive to ensure the contacts were not accidentally archived: Archive, Delete, or Restore Contacts

2. Check the Filters button. If it is blue and says Filters On, this means you have a filter in place. Which can mean that you are not seeing all of your contacts.


You can use the "All Contacts" Smartview to ensure you are viewing all of your contacts when searching. If you have ever saved any changes to the "All Contacts" Smartview, you can always revert back to the default settings. To do this, click Manage Smartviews and then revert back to original. 


3. If you use PieSync to sync your Command contacts to another platform, check your PieSync settings to ensure you do not have any steps in the flow that would delete contacts from Command if deleted in the other platform. PieSync + Command FAQ List


If you are a Standard permission agent (Teams):

1. Check the Archive and SmartView settings as outlined in the steps above.

2. Check both your Team and Personal databases for the contact. Contacts will not show in both accounts. You will find your personal contacts in your personal account and Team contacts in the Team account. More info: Switch Between Your Personal and Team Command Account and Switch the Account on a Lead/Contact.

3. Be aware that you may not see all the existing contacts within the Team account. Depending on your permissions, you may only be able to see contacts you are assigned to, or a collaborator on. More info: Add or Remove Collaborators in a Team Lead/Contact (Teams).

4. Check the Lead Pool. Be aware that searching in the main database does not pull up results from the Lead Pool. You will need to check in the Lead Pool directly to find contacts that may be in there. More info: Access the Unassigned Lead Pool (Teams).


5. Check with the Rainmaker to see if they are able to find the contact within the Team account. 


If you are a Rainmaker or an Unlimited permission agent (Teams):

1. As the Rainmaker/Unlimited user, you will see all the contacts within the Team account database. Check the Team account, including the ArchiveFilters, and Lead Pool as mentioned above.

2. Check your personal account for the contacts, as they may have not been moved over to the Team account. Or, they may be Site/App leads that went directly to your personal account.

3. Check with your agents to see if they have the contact within their personal databases. They may have not moved the contact to the team account yet. Here's how to change the account of a contact from personal to Team: Switch the Account on a Lead/Contact.

Or, it may have came in as a lead to their personal Site/App, which would go directly to their personal database.

If you are still unable to find a specific contact(s) after checking these location, please reach out to Tech Support. To expedite your request, please provide screenshots of your various searches for the contact and the name and email of the contact if possible. Submit to Tech Support here:

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