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Market Center and MLS Attribution for Listings

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Market Center and MLS attribution are required for all listings on, the KW App, and your Agent Site in order to remain compliant. This is very important because non-compliance may result in fines or other penalties from local real estate authorities.


Map View and Search

When a user is using the map to view and search for listings there will be a Market Center name that is displayed on the screen.

There are a two considerations that effect which Market Center name is shown:

  1. Which MLS in the immediate area has the highest number of listings in view on the map?

  2. Based on that answer, which Market Center within that MLS is closest to the area in view on the map?

If a user changes their map view, the name of the Market Center will change (or not change) based on the previously mentioned considerations.


Listing Pages

The listing pages on and your Agent Sites will show the Market Center this listing is under in the top right hand corner as well as the MLS number of the listing. It will be displayed as "Courtesy of: ABC" (ABC in the example would represent the name of the MLS) followed by the MLS number of the listing.

In the top right left-hand corner the Market Center that was displayed on the map view will also be shown on the listing page. 

The bottom of the listing page is where you find the MLS the listing is under.




Non-KW Listings

If a listing does not belong to a KW Market Center the listing page will show the closest Market Center to the listing address, as long as that Market Center is a member of the same MLS that the listing is associated with.



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