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Manage Your Tasks

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Tasks in Command makes it easy to see what you need to get accomplished for your business. These tasks come from SmartPlans, Opportunity checklists, or could be tasks that you manually enter in the system.

Once you have tasks, follow the steps below to learn how to manage these tasks, whether you need to mark as complete, snooze, or archive:



1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.


2. Click the Tasks icon, on the left sidebar.


3. At the top of the page, choose either the Contact Tasks or Opportunity Tasks tab. Opportunity Tasks come from Opportunity checklists you have set up in your pipelines. These Opportunity tasks must have a due date assigned to show up in Tasks and for you to receive a Kelle notification, when it is due.


4. Use the filter at the top left of the page, to select a time frame to view.


5. Once you find the task you are looking for, choose one of three actions to take:


Mark a Task as Complete

1. Once you have completed the task, click the empty checkbox, to the left of the task, to mark as complete.


2. Click Yes, complete to confirm. The completed task will now appear in the "Completed" section of the Task Manager.


Snooze a Task

1. If you need more time to complete the task, click the Snooze icon,.


2. Use the date interval, or specific date, option to set a new due date for the task.


3. Click Snooze.


Archive a Task

1. If you want to totally delete the task, click the Archive icon, .


2. Click Yes, archive to confirm. The deleted task will not appear in the "Completed" section of the Task Manager.

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