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Manage Your KW MarketPlace Applications

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If you need to cancel or update a subscription in the KW MarketPlace you can do so by going to the Manage Apps page within the MarketPlace.

To learn how to manage your applications in the KW MarketPlace, please follow these steps:

1. First you will need to access the MarketPlace, to learn how click here.

2. Once you have accessed the MarketPlace you can access the Manage Apps page in two ways: 

Click My Apps on the top of the page. On the next page hover over the application, click the gear icon, and then click Manage Apps once it appears.

Or you can also click Account on the top of the page, click Manage Apps,  click the Manage drop-down, and select Manage Application.


Manage Applications

 Once you have reached the Manage Application page, there are three different tabs you can access


 Overview - This is where you can find the product description as well as the Support email for the product.

 Update Subscription - If you need to update your subscription in any way you will do so in this tab

 Order History - The Order History tab will show information like when the service of the product started, subscription status, total fee of the subscription, and other information as well.

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