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Manage Checklist Items in Opportunities

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Once you customize your Opportunity pipelines and create your checklist templates, you are ready to start using the system to track your Opportunities. As you are working, you will want to mark checklist items as complete, set due dates for certain checklist items, and maybe create one-off checklist items that would not apply to your other Opportunities.

To learn how manage your checklists, follow the steps below:



1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.

2. Click the Opportunities icon, , on the left sidebar.

3. Click on the phase you want to manage.

4. Find the Opportunity you want to manage and click the checklist button, on the Opportunity card.


Mark as Complete

Check the box, next to the checklist item, to mark it as complete, or un-check the box to reset. You can also hide completed checklist items by clicking the Hide Completed Items toggle.


Add or Edit One-off Checklist Items

When you are editing and customizing your Opportunity stages, you are setting up the checklist templates that will apply to every Opportunity that you add to the system (click here to learn how to customize your Opportunity Pipelines). When you follow the steps below and add to or edit the checklist, these changes will only apply to the Opportunity you are working with and will not affect the checklist template:

1. Click Add Item, at the bottom left of the checklist pop-up, to add a new one-off checklist item.

2. Check or uncheck the Client Updates checkbox, for each item, depending on whether you want it to be included in the Client Update email.

With Client Updates, your clients will be sent a daily email, using Command Email, which will include a report of the Opportunity checklist items that you have completed that day.

You will see a Client Updates checkbox next to each checklist item. If the checkbox is checked, when you mark this item as complete, for an Opportunity, it will be included in the Client Update email for that day If nothing is marked as complete, no email will be sent).

3. To edit a checklist item, hover over the checklist item you wish to edit.

  • The Set Due Date button will appear where you can add a due date for a specific checklist item.
  • If you are on in a team Opportunity, the Assign button will appear, where you can select someone from your team to assign the task to. Doing this and setting a due date will put it in the Tasks applet, where the assignee will receive notifications of the task being due.


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