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Log in to Command

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Log in to Command

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Due to Microsoft discontinuing Internet Explorer, this browser is unfortunately no longer supported. For the best experience in Command, we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome.



1. Open your internet browser and navigate to

2. Once you are at the login screen, log on with your KW login credentials.

3. If you have forgotten your password, select Forgot Password, next to the Sign In button.

4. Enter your KW Username, then click Submit.



If you do not know your KW account username (or your password recovery email address), please contact your Market Center Administrator and they will be able to look this up in White Pages.

If you are a Vested Retiree (VR) associate, please contact Tech Support for help looking up your username.


Doing this will send a password reset email to your Recovery Email address on file in White Pages. Once it is reset, you can login with your new credentials.


If you do not know your username:
Each local Market Center is responsible for onboarding new agents. Please reach out to your Market Center leadership, including your MCA, Team Leader, Tech Coordinator, Assistant MCA or Assistant Team Leader. They will be able to look up your username in KW White Pages. Once you have your username, follow the steps above to reset your password.

If your Recovery Email is missing or incorrect:
Your Market Center Leadership can update this for you in White Pages. Once it has been saved, follow the steps above to reset your password.

If your MC Leadership cannot locate your profile in White Pages: 
Please ask them to verify that you are listed as ACTIVE in WinMORE. If you do have an ACTIVE role in WinMORE, your MCA will need to re-save your roles in WinMORE so that they populate in your White Pages Profile. If your MCA is unsure or has questions about this, they can contact

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