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KW Support Cheat Sheet: Who to Contact for Common Issues - Knowledgebase / Command / Help and Support - Your KWGAP Support Team

KW Support Cheat Sheet: Who to Contact for Common Issues

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Not sure who to contact for support? While KWRI Technical Support is happy to help, they may not be the right team for every issue, as many activities are managed at the Market Center level or by designated teams throughout KW. 

Tech Support generally provides Command troubleshooting, bug tracking, listings support, email administration, and account login support. For Command training and onboarding, several excellent resources are outlined below. There's also an MCA Support Team just for Market Center Administrators.

To help you find the right info quickly, this guide is broken down into three sections below:

Agent Support Cheat Sheet

Support Issue

Answers Link

Notes and Helpful Tips

Technical Issues:

  • Bugs
  • Errors
  • Unexpected Behavior


Command Support

For the quickest help, please submit a ticket through our web form here. You can also hop into Live Chat with us by clicking the Support button in Command, M-F 9am-5pm CT. 

Password Reset:

  • MYKW
  • Command
  • Kelle
  • KWConnect

Log in to Command

Agents can use the "Forgot Password" link on the login pages. This sends a reset link to the Recovery Email on file in your White Pages account. If your Recovery Email is outdated or not provided, your MC Leadership can update it in White Pages for you.

Agent-facing logins require the Username listed in White Pages, not an email address. However, the consumer-facing login on requires your clients to enter an email address, which syncs back with their accounts in the KW Consumer app. 

Note: Kelle app is being discontinued (to be replaced with Command Mobile). Limited functionality expected.

  • Gmail Password Reset
  • Email Password Reset

Change Your KW Email Password

Getting an "Account Disabled" or "Unable to Verify Account" error in Gmail? Per Google Security Policy, KWRI Tech Support must verify the account owner and temporarily unlock your Gmail account during a 10-minute timeframe. Please start a Live Chat session in Command (M-F 9am-5pm Central) to request help with this.

DocuSign Password

Related Guides:

Connect Your DocuSign Account in Command

Connect Your Market Center DocuSign Account

Live Chat with Tech Support in Command (M-F 9am-5pm Central) to request a DocuSign Password reset. This will allow your security questions to be reset as well.

DocuSign Account Suspended


If you had a previous DocuSign account before creating one within Command, an account suspension error is likely associated with your previous account. Please contact DocuSign at 888-600-4146, or by email at, and ask that they close your previous account, as well as any existing rooms and eSign accounts.

Command Training for Agents and Teams

Command Your Business: Guided Learning Paths

Resubscribe to KW Emails

Resubscribe to KW Emails

Accidentally unsubscribed or stopped receiving corporate emails from KWRI Headquarters? After checking spam/junk, resubscribe here

Emails sent specifically to Regional and MC Leadership are not included in this category. To receive these emails, you must have the appropriate leadership role added to your White Pages profile. Contact your MCA for help.

Leaving KW

What Happens to My KW Email After Leaving KW?

What Happens to My Agent Site After Leaving KW?

As soon as the MCA deactivates your agent role in White Pages/WinMORE: 

  • You will have 30 days to move any emails or content from your Google Drive to another account, and then the account will be disabled.
  • 90 days after your roles have been removed, the Google account will be permanently deleted and other agents will be able to claim your email address.

Command Profile Information - Where is it Pulled From?

 Consumer-Facing Reference Guide

Command Profile data is pulled from the KW Connect profile

The KWConnect Profile information is pulled from White Pages.

Agent Sites, Landing Pages, Designs, SmartPlans and Campaigns agent profile information is pulled from the Marketing Profile and Kelle Guide.

Can't Access Profit Share 1099s and Tax forms 

Access Your Electronic Profit Share 1099 / T4A Tax Forms

Active agents can pull 1099s directly from White Pages. Vested Retired (VR) agents have access to as long as they have a VR role in White Pages. MCAs can contact Support to change or update White Pages information for a VR agent. 

Tech Fee Billing Questions


Agents will need to work with the MCA or MC Leadership. Issues and questions related to incorrectly-billed fees can be sent to


MCA Support Cheat Sheet

  • WinMORE
  • CloudMORE
  • Compliance
  • Transmittal
  • CAP Status
  • Production Numbers
  • Sponsorship Changes 
  • Profit Share
  • Greensheets
Command MC Opportunities (Compliance)

Contact for all things Compliance.

If the reporting is incorrect, please contact

Team Administration Tool

Access the Team AdministrationTool (MCAs) 

Need to set up a team in Command? All actions to edit a Team roster must be done in the Team Administration tool by an MCA before the changes will reflect in Command.

Tech Support is unable to make changes to the Team Administration Tool, and unfortunately cannot make changes to a Team. 

Setting up Smarter Agent IDX for MC

Request a New Market Center IDX Feed for Command (Leadership)

This article contains instructions to request a Smarter Agent IDX to be set up for your Market Center. This should be completed by the MCA or Regional Leadership.

ListHub Connector Account SetUp

 KWLS Knowledge Base

Listings can be inputted into KWLS 1.0 one of two ways: 

  1. Manually if an MC does not have a Listhub connector or the MC is in Canada where Listhub is not available
  2. Automatically if the MC pays for a Listhub connector for a given MLS

Ensure that Regional or MC Leadership has approved and purchased the ListHub connector, then set up the ListHub Account for the whole Market Center. Tech Support cannot assist with ListHub administration.

Note: This can be a lengthy process. Please plan ahead to allow enough time to get set up and minimize the impact to your agents. 

Agent MLS ID- Add or update

Add or Edit an Agent MLS ID in White Pages (MC Leadership)

Needs to be updated when a new MLS is added or the MLS merges and new ID’s are created. 

Check ListHub Exceptions report to see if agents are missing this info

Compliance Coordinator Role

Get Started with Compliance in Command (Leadership)-

Compliance Coordinator FAQs

Anyone can be set up as a Compliance Coordinator. This role can also be assigned to multiple people at the same MC. 

Assign a Compliance Coordinator

Assign the Compliance Coordinator Role to an Associate

Only the OP, TL or MCA can assign the Compliance Coordinator role. 

Access Historical DotLoop Records

Request Historical Documents from Dotloop

For records before September 15, 2019, MCAs can email Please see the article for complete instructions.

Only MCAs can make this request.

Update White Pages for Agents

Add an Associate Role in White Pages (Leadership)

MC Leadership can search White Pages and update information for agents ACTIVE in WinMore.

Can’t find an ACTIVE Agent in White Pages (MC Leadership)

Agent roles may need to be re-saved in WinMORE. Complete the steps below to make them visible. 

  1. Locate the associate's profile in your WinMORE system
  2. Be sure that an "A" for active is selected in their profile
  3. Click SAVE (regardless of whether or not you have made any changes/updates)
  4. Clicking SAVE will reset the roles, and then you should be able to immediately view them in your Intranet Office Roster

Update White Pages for MC Leadership or the Market Center

Add an Associate Role in White Pages (Leadership)

Regional Leadership must update the Market Center information. This includes adding leadership roles and updating Market Center White Pages information, such as the MC office address. 

Incorrect MORE ID for Transferring Agent 

Is a transferring agent's More ID showing the wrong number, or not showing as their primary number?

Ensure that the previous MCA has entered an End Date in the agent’s WinMORE profile. Updates can take up to 24-36 hours.



Contact Information for KW Departments and Vendors 


Email Address

Types of Support Provided

Website or Phone


Awards questions, shipping awards


Handle billing related questions for KW


(512) 439-8842

Questions about joining KW Commercial, BuildOut, Commercial syndication sites, and non-technical support for Commercial agents.


Questions about events or materials, payments towards future events



How-to questions about expansion into new Market Centers

Connect Expansion

Family Reunion

FR billing, transferring tickets, ticket confirmation


1099s for profit share more than one year back, payment questions.



GPS Memberships, questions & support

The ONE Thing GPS Guide

Keller Covered

Contact Form

Home insurance quotes, questions

(833) 600-0653 or
(857) 263-2750

Invite Link for Clients

Keller Mortgage

Loan servicing quotes & assistance
  • Keller Offers
  • iBuyer program
  • KW Concierge

Questions about Keller Offers or KW Concierge


Support for KPA Assessments 

KW Cares

How to donate and how to request help. General inquiries about the non-profit.

General: (512) 327-3070


KW Kids Can

General inquiries, support 

KW Marketplace

Questions about the apps or products for sale in the 

KWRI Success Team

(Command Training)

Questions about Command training courses for sale in Marketplace offered by KWRI Enablement.

 Coaching & Training

KW Young Professionals

General inquiries, support


Teaching classes or products questions

Land (Formerly Farm and Ranch) 

Questions about KW Land Memberships; non-technical support for Land agents


For new Market Centers within 120 days of opening. All Support requests and issues will be handled by the Launch Team.



Lawsuits, compliance,, website compliance issues


(512) 439-8743

Questions about joining KW Luxury; non-technical support for existing Luxury agents

Luxury Hub


Coaching, Productivity Coach roles, Bold info, Masterminds, Mastery and Group Coaching. All questions and materials NON BOLD-related.

(800) 784-6826
(512) 439-8684


BOLD Classes, Coaching, Material requests for BOLD programs, Questions abot BOLD and issues with access to BOLD programs and materials


JUMP Start Command Training

4 week quick-start program to onboard agents into Command. Available for individual agents and teams.



Questions about specific marketing materials. Requests for color and font information regarding KW branding. Issues with Leadership newsletters (not receiving or removal from mailing list).


Market Center Logos

Creating or updating MC Logos


WinMORE, Greensheet and compliance how-to's. Transferring or entering new agents, general MCA accounting help.

Compliance & Commissions FAQs (Leadership) 


MegaCamp information, registration, ticket purchase, agenda details, event inquiries

Outfront Magazine

Outfront Magazine questions and requests

Profit Share Returns

Help updating banking info or mailing address for profit share checks. Issues receiving profit share checks.


Red Label Store

KW merchandise products sold through the online store or KW conferences. Contact for questions, payments, exchanges & returns.


Something wrong in Reports section

Smarter Agent IDX


Assistance with setting up Smarter Agent IDX Build Requests for the MC.Setting up either new MLS for a MC or setting up a new MC with the appropriate MLS feeds

 Request a New Market Center IDX Feed for Command (Leadership)

Technical Support

Submit a Request

Troubleshooting help with KW technology or software.

KW Answers

Vendor Relationships

Vendor questions, past vendor renewals


WinMORE Admin

Agent transfer forms, agent sponsorship changes



KW Answers

Helpful Unhelpful