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Kelle Snaps for the US

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Keller Williams has diverted technology resources away from the Kelle App to focus on improving Command, including a tool that will replace this App. While you can still use the Kelle App, this means Kelle App issues will no longer be supported.


Kelle Snaps brings hyper-local neighborhood insights to Kelle, connecting Nextdoor user-powered neighborhood boundaries and real-time MLS data. This empowers you to be a local expert because you are now able to have more informed conversations with your clients and potential clients. Having access to timely neighborhood market data enables you to have data driven conversations with clients when providing guidance to sellers about pricing their home or finding the specific neighborhoods in your buyer's price range.   

1. Ask Kelle to “Show me the Kelle Snap for <name of the neighborhood, or zip/postal code>" then tap View Kelle Snap on the correct result. 


2. To refine the search results, tap Filters, located in the top right corner. Make your desired adjustments and click Apply.


3. There are four Kelle Snap views that you can toggle between (shown above): 

  • All - insights are generated using all of the MLS listing data, including data from other brokerages, for the area you are searching.
  • MC - insights are generated using all of the combined MLS listing data of the agents in your Market Center, for the area you are searching.
  • Team - insights are generated using all of the combined MLS listing data of the agents on your real estate team, for the area you are searching.
  • Agent - insights are generated using only your personal MLS listing data, for the area you are searching.

Share a Kelle Snap   

Once you access a Kelle Snap, you can now share the market information with anyone you choose. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. From the Kelle Snap screen, click the Share icon, .


2. Choose the Kelle Snap view you want to share, then add a quick message that will be sent with the Kelle Snap. Click Share when you are ready to send. 


3. Choose an app from your phone that you wish to use to share your Kelle Snap. You can share through text, email, a messaging app, social media, or any other app on your device that you use to communicate through.

Kelle will create a Kelle Snaps landing page and will send the link to this page, along with the message you added, to the recipient.

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