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How to Send Feedback About Command

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Agents help build Command based on using the portal and giving valuable feedback to improve it. You can send your feedback directly through Command.
Feedback can take many forms, such as:

  • Did you have an experience that feels incomplete or not very intuitive?
  • Do you have a suggested feature or enhancement to make Command better?
  • How else could Command help you and your business?

1. After logging into Command, click the question mark icon and the Help and Information panel will appear on the right side of screen. Once the panel has appeared, click Post an Idea. You will complete several brief fields, and then submit your feedback.


2. Enter a description of your feedback, attach an optional screenshot in the "Post an Idea"  window, and click Next. Command will automatically know which screen you are on and attach this information to your feedback submission.  


3. Give the idea a title, choose a category from the drop-down list, and click Post Idea.


This idea will then be posted on, where other agents can vote on it. The product team goes here regularly to find ideas to implement in Command.

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