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Help! My Opportunities are Missing!

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Don't panic! There are some expected scenarios that prevent Opportunities from showing in the Opportunity Pipeline in Command. Here are the most common reasons that your Opportunities may appear to be missing:

1 - Transmittal 

If an Opportunity is in a closed status, it will leave the Pipeline during the transmittal period after it closed. For example, if you closed an Opportunity in December, then it will drop out of the Pipeline at the start of January. Closed Opportunities can always be found in the All Opportunities search.

2 - Pipeline Permissions

If you are a member of a team in Command, make sure that you are checking in the correct Pipeline for the Opportunity. At the top of the Opportunities Dashboard, you will see a tab with your team's name and a tab with your name. Use these tabs to switch between your team and personal Opportunities. If the Opportunity was accidentally created on a personal pipeline it will not show up in the team Pipeline and vice versa. Make sure to check your team and personal Opportunities to find the one that is missing.

3 - Team Opportunity Settings

If you are a member of a team and are trying to access a Team Opportunity, you must be assigned to the Opportunity to be able to see or access it. Reach out to your Rainmaker and have them add you as an assignee to the Opportunity, and you will get instant access.

4 - Lost or Archived Opportunity

Another reason an Opportunity might not show in the Pipeline is that it might be marked as lost or archived. You can find any Opportunity, even if it has been marked as lost or archived, using the All Opportunities search

  • When searching for Opportunities, we've found that searching by the Opportunity Name is usually the most reliable. The Address search will work, but only if you saved the address correctly on the Opportunity. Try multiple searches just to be safe.

  • Archived Opportunities will not show up in the search by default, but you can enable a filter to view them. Open the Filter Tray in All Opportunities and toggle the "Include Archived Opportunities" option. Then repeat the search as mentioned above. If the Opportunity was archived, you can unarchive it using the menu button to the right of it.

  • There is also a Command Settings page where you can see all archived Opportunities and where you have the ability to restore them back to the Pipeline. Just make sure you have the correct account selected (team or personal) when viewing this Settings page.

  • If an Opportunity was marked as Lost, it will not appear in the Archive, but will appear in the All Opportunities search, though it won't be clearly labeled as lost when searching. You can also find the lost Opportunity by going to Contacts > open the associated contact's record > click the Opportunities tab > open the linked Opportunity associated with it. The Lost Opportunity toggle is on the top right of the Opportunity Details page, and using this toggle, you have the ability to restore it back to the Pipeline.

Still Having Trouble?

If you have checked in all of these spaces and are still missing the affected Opportunity, please reach out to Tech Support and provide 1) Opportunity ID, 2) screenshot of the Opportunity Details page, and 3) full-page screenshot of the Contact details page. Additional screenshots showing that it is not in All Opportunities nor the Opportunity Archive would also help isolate the issue further in the first touch.

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