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Get Started with Twilio in Command

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Keller Williams has partnered with Twilio to enable agents to send text messages to contacts through Command. This is done by purchasing a monthly subscription plan of credits, with any unused credits rolling over to the next month. Command will automatically track usage and Kelle will send notifications of responses. You can also track your usage of Twilio in the Command Settings. 

While KW has integrated Twilio's messaging service with Command in the past, Twilio and KW have joined forces to make sending and receiving SMS/MMS messages seamless in Command.

  • SMS (Short Message Service) - these are standard text messages, that only include text up to 160 characters.
  • MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) - these are text messages that include images, videos, or other media. MMS allows up to 1600 characters.

When Twilio is used in conjunction with Command, this will allows users to send automatic texts to their leads and contacts, using SmartPlans, and users will be able to send and receive one-off texts to/from their leads and contacts through the Contacts applet. Replies also trigger a notification through the Kelle app, where you can respond on-the-go.

What has changed?

Previously, you would setup a Twilio account in Command, but have to reach out to Twilio directly to get a local number. With the new partnership, you setup a local number in the account setup process, with no hassle.

In addition, in the past we used a pay-as-you-go model, where you would pay $1 per month for your local number, a base cost per text and a carrier cost per text. With the new partnership, we now use a credits model, where you purchase a subscription plan that will include a certain number of credits per month, and each text costs 1 or more credits, depending on the content. These credits roll over, if you don't use them all, and you can always upgrade or downgrade your subscription if you need to adjust based on usage.

One of the great benefits to the new credits system, is that you will have better visibility into your credit usage. There are notifications built into Command that will alert you when you are running low on credits, and reports that show credits that have been used and that are available.

Monthly Subscription and Account Setup

1. To get started, you will need to purchase a monthly Twilio subscription, in the KW Marketplace. You can easily get to the Twilio product page, by going through Command Settings, finding Twilio on the Connected Apps page, and clicking on the "Subscribe in Marketplace" button.  There are several monthly plans to choose from, and the decision should be made based on the number of text messages you plan on sending each month.

  • Click here to learn how to purchase a monthly Twilio subscription, in the KW Marketplace.

2. Once you have a subscription, you can go to Command settings and configure your account:

  • Option 1 - If had previously had Twilio connected in Command settings, there is a path for you to transfer your current Twilio number into your Command Twilio account.

    • Click here to learn how to transfer your existing Twilio number to your KW Twilio account.


  • Option 2 - If you have never used Twilio before, there is a path for you to create a brand new account, where you will be able to customize your new number in the setup process.

    • Click here to learn how to set up a new Twilio number for your KW Twilio account.    

Use Twilio in Command

Once you purchase a Twilio subscription, in the Command Marketplace, and set up your Command Twilio number, you can now start using it in Command to communicate to your leads and contacts. Before you start using Twilio in Command, it is important to know how much each text will cost:

The following messaging rates applies to all messages sent and received.

1 SMS (US and Canada)

  • Up to 160 characters, or 70 characters if emojis or special characters are included.
  • Sent to a number with a country code of 1 (US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and several other Caribbean Islands)
1 Credit

1 SMS (International)

  • Up to 160 characters, or 70 characters if emojis or special characters are included.
  • Sent to a number using an international country code (any country code other than 1)
2 Credits

1 MMS 

  • Up to 1600 characters or 700 characters if emojis or special characters are included + 5MB attachment.
  • These can be sent internationally without any additional credit usage.
3 Credits

If you send a message that has more characters than the character limits shown above, it will send, but will basically create secondary messages with the above credit usage.

For example, if you send an SMS with 300 characters, you will be using 2 credits, since 1 SMS has a max of 160 characters. 


One of the best uses of Twilio in Command is to set up custom SmartPlans, where you can create a schedule of automatic emails, texts and reminders, to help you communicate systematically with your database. Without having Twilio set up in Command, any text steps you set up in a SmartPlan will send you a reminder to manually text each of the contacts on the plan, while having Twilio set up allows those text messages to be sent automatically.

  • Click here to learn how to create a custom SmartPlan in Command.

Another great way to use Twilio in Command is direct messaging through Contacts. If your leads or contacts have a phone number that receives text messages, you can find their contact record, click on their phone number, and send them a text message through Command. Whenever you do this, you will see exactly how many credits you will be using for that specific text message.

  • Click here to learn how to text contacts through Command using Twilio.

Track Your Twilio Credit Usage

Once you start getting close to your credit limit for the month, you will receive notifications to let you know. You will receive both a Command and email notification when you reach 80%, 85%, 90%, and 95% of your monthly usage. Users can also track their Twilio usage for the month from within the Reports applet.

  • Click here to learn how to track your Twilio usage.


Make Changes to Your Twilio Subscription

Users can change their Twilio subscription at any time whether it be upgrading the subscription or downgrading the subscription. If you upgrade your credit subscription before you hit your limit, the new credit limit will be available immediately. If you downgrade your credit subscription, the new credit limit will be available immediately.

  • Click here to learn how to make changes to your monthly Twilio subscription.

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