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Get Started with the Consumer Applet in Command

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Whether you need to create and manage your Command Agent Site or a standalone landing page, the Consumer applet is where you will do this. To learn more about navigating the Consumer applet in Command, use the resource below:



1. Log in to with your Keller Williams credentials.


2. Click the Consumer icon, on the left sidebar.



You can access your different types of pages through these three tabs:

  • Agent Site Pages: these are pages you create specifically for your Command Agent Site. We are building a library of dynamic widgets, such as a Meet the Team page and Testimonials page, that you can use to enhance your website. 
  • Landing Pages: these are standalone landing pages you create, that are not a part of your Command Agent Site.
  • Guide Builder: this is where you will customize the Buyer and Seller Consumer Guides for your clients. These guides are designed to walk your clients through the process of buying or selling a home while tracking their progress throughout the process.
  • Collections (Labs Participants Only): this is where users can create collections of properties that their clients are likely interested in.


 You will manage your agent site through the Site and App Settings.


 You will click the Create a new Page button to create either a standalone landing page, or a page for your agent site.


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