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Get Started with KW MarketPlace

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The KW MarketPlace is the platform that powers the commercialization of applications, integrations, software and other products developed either by KWRI, our agents, or other strategic partners.

Think of the MarketPlace as your Keller Cloud store. It’s where you’ll be able to discover new Command plug-ins, 3rd party software and other products for purchase that fit your technology needs.



Guest Admins in Command will not be able to access the KW MarketPlace.


To access the KW Market Place:


1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.

2. Click the MarketPlace icon, , at the top of the screen.


3. Log in to the KW MarketPlace with your KW login credentials (the system should only make you do this once per day).



 All Products - The All Products page is where users can search for applications in the MarketPlace by either roles within the market center, categories, and other specified criteria.

 My Apps -The MyApps page is the central hub used to view all free trials and subscriptions.

 Your Name - Users can click their name to view their account options. The account options a user has will determine what they can do and view in the MarketPlace.

 Account - The Account page is where users  can update billing information, manage applications, and view invoices.

 Logout - Users can exit the MarketPlace by clicking Logout. This will also log users out of Command.

Search - Users can utilize the search bar to find applications in the MarketPlace.

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