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Get Started with Compliance & Commissions in Command (Agents)

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Team Settings
When working with Opportunities, when you are on a team, you have to be very purposeful about the pipeline you are working in. When you are on a team, you have a team pipeline and an individual pipeline. These pipelines are totally separate from each other, and there is no way to transfer an Opportunity to the other pipeline, once it is created. 

When an Opportunity is attached to the team pipeline, the team Rainmaker is always the Opportunity owner and you have the ability to assign as many team members to the Opportunity as needed. Each team member assigned to the Opportunity has the ability to view and edit the details. If a team member creates an Opportunity on their individual pipeline (does not select the team when creating the Opportunity), then the Rainmaker will have no visibility into the Opportunity, and team members will not be able to do anything in Command to assist.

Because of this, Rainmakers have the ability to turn off their member agents' personal pipelines, to ensure all Opportunities fall under the sphere of the team:

1. Enable/disable member agent access to personal Opportunity pipelines (Teams), click here.


Transition to Command Compliance
In the past, Market Centers have managed compliance approvals from within the Dotloop system. We have now transitioned to doing this in Command instead. It does not matter if you are going to continue to use Dotloop or if you are going to use DocuSign to manage your documents and get signatures, you will still need to start managing document compliance in Command.

Because of this, we have created an easy process, where you will import your active Dotloop Loops into Command as Opportunities. Once they are in Command, you can use any document management system you want, to get signatures, but you will submit the completed forms to your Market Center using Command:

1. Import Loops into Command from Dotloop, click here.

Document Management
Keller Williams has created a connection between Opportunities and Dotloop/DocuSign. These connections allow you to work in either Dotloop or DocuSign, to get forms signed, then you will have the ability to pull those completed forms into Command, when the time comes:


1. Create and Connect Your DocuSign Account, click here.

2. Create a DocuSign Room for an Opportunity, click here.

3. Get started with DocuSign Rooms, click here.

4. Get Started with the ZipForm integration with DocuSign, click here.


1. Connect Your Dotloop Account with Command, click here.

2. Create a Dotloop Loop for an Opportunity, click here.

Compliance Management

Once your forms are signed and completed, you will pull them into Command and submit to your Market Center, use the resources below to learn how to manage and submit compliance documents for an Opportunity:

1. Attach Compliance Documents to an Opportunity, click here.

2. Create and Manage Custom Folders in an Opportunity, click here.

3. Attach a One-off Compliance Document Checklist Item to an Opportunity, click here.

4. Create a New Compliance Document Checklist Version for an Opportunity, click here.

5. Submit compliance documents to your market center, click here.

6. Replace Rejected Documents in an Opportunity, click here.



Within Command, we have replaced the Greensheet process with the Commissions workflow in an Opportunity, where you will detail the commission disbursement for a transaction and submit this to your Market Center. This requires you to create and accept at least one offer. Commission Requests are created and managed within the accepted offer. 

If a deal falls through, you can submit a Commission Termination request, start receiving/submitting new offers, and submit a new Commission request when ready.

Use the resources below to learn how to create and manage offers/Commissions:

1. Create an Offer, click here.

2. Accept, Reject, and Counter an Offer, click here.

3. Submit a Commission Request for an Opportunity, click here.

4. Submit a Commission Termination Request for an Opportunity, click here.


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