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Dotloop/DocuSign Feature Comparison

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Transitioning to a new system is always tough, but transitioning to a new document management system  is especially difficult. As we transition from Dotloop to DocuSign, we wanted to create a reference that would help you find the key tasks you are performing in Dotloop, show you what it is called in the DocuSign system, and give you a link to training to help you learn how to do it.

  • Click here to learn how to get started with DocuSign Rooms.

Use the reference below to help with your transition to DocuSign:


DotloopDocuSignDescriptionLearn How in DocuSign


Create a LoopCreate a Room

In DocuSign, a Room is the equivalent to a Dotloop Loop. This is where all of the forms are managed for a transaction, where you will give access to team members, and where you will send forms for completion and signatures.

You must create your DocuSign Room or Dotloop Loop from within the Opportunity in Command. If you create the Room/Loop directly in DocuSign, it will never be able to connect to Command for a seamless experience. 

Click here to learn more.
Add People to a LoopInvite People to a RoomIn DocuSign, you have the ability to invite team members, clients and vendors to join the Room. This will allow them to collaborate with you in the Room, by giving access to view or edit documents, depending on the Room role you set for that person.Click here to learn more.
Share Documents with People in the LoopShare Forms Access with Room MembersIn DocuSign, you have the ability to delegate forms access to other people who have been added to a Room. You have the ability to do this for a single Room or all Rooms, and you can revoke access at any time.Click here to learn more.
Add and Manage Documents in a LoopAdd and Manage Documents in a RoomIn DocuSign, you can add/manage all of the needed forms for either side of the transaction. These forms are uploaded and pre-tagged by DocuSign and organized into Form Groups for you by your Market Center. Click here to learn more.
Add Documents to a Loop via EmailAdd Documents to a Room via EmailThis is another way to add documents to a DocuSign Room. Use the unique email address, setup in your DocuSign account, to send documents and email communication to the Room.Click here to learn more.
Add details to a Loop to populate formsAdd details to a Room to populate formsThe Details page, in a DocuSign Room, is where all of the information for the transaction is housed. These details auto-populate corresponding pre-tagged fields in any form added to the Room. In addition, any pre-tagged field you complete in an added form will populate to the Details page, which will then auto-populate other forms.Click here to learn more.
Sync Opportunity Details with the Connected LoopSync Opportunity Details with the Connected RoomIn Command, we have built an easy button, which allows you to sync updated Opportunity information with your DocuSign Room. This information is added to the DocuSign details page and auto-populates into corresponding fields in forms you have added to the Room.Click here to learn more.
Prepare Forms and Send for Signatures
Prepare Documents (Custom Labeling)Create a TemplateIf you need to use a different/additional form that is not in the Form Library, you can upload any document, add e-sign fields, and save to your template library. From there, you can add it to an Envelope to be sent out for signatures and completion (These templates will not populate in the DocuSign Forms Groups or Library).Click here to learn more.
Strikethrough Functionality in DocumentsStrikethrough functionality on DocumentsDocuSign's Line Markup tool allows you to strikethrough text and clauses on standard agreements, within DocuSign, to modify and prepare documents quickly and get them to clients faster with less hassle.Click here to learn more.
Share Documents to Get SignaturesCreate and Send an Envelope to Get SignaturesDocuSign Envelope is what we use to select specific forms, add recipients, and send for completion and signatures. Envelopes have statuses (i.e. sent, delivered, completed, voided), contain information about the sender, and include timestamps that indicate the progress of the delivery procedure.Click here to learn more.
Agent Signing in LoopAgent Signing in RoomWith clients, you would email forms for signatures or completion, but there is an easy way to sign forms within the DocuSign Room, as long as you have been added.Click here to learn more.
In-person SigningIn-person SigningWhile most people think of DocuSign as emailing Envelopes for signatures, there is a way to set up your Envelope to make in-person signing very simple.Click here to learn more.
Edit Documents after Signatures Have Been ReceivedEdit Documents after Signatures Have Been ReceivedIf the Envelope you sent is already marked as Completed, then no additional changes can be made to the Envelope, but if the Envelope is still in progress, you have the ability to make corrections and then send back out for signatures.Click here to learn more.
Split a PDF into Multiple DocumentsSplit a PDF into Multiple DocumentsIf you receive one large PDF that includes multiple forms, you have the ability to split this into individual documentsClick here to learn more.
Archive DocumentsArchive DocumentsArchiving documents in a DocuSign Room helps you stay organized and clutter free. This allows you to hide unneeded documents, while still being able to access, if needed.Click here to learn more. 

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