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Customize Your Display Name and Reply-to Address for Command Email

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In Command we now have Command Email which is the default service used by Keller Williams to send emails on your behalf from your KW Technology applications. Each user receives 5,000 email sends per month at no charge. You can also customize your display name and the reply-to email address as well.

To learn how to customize your display name and reply-to address for Command Email, follow the steps below:


1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.

2. Click your name at the top of the screen and select Settings from the drop-down.

3. From the Connected Applications page, navigate to the Command Email application and click Manage.

4. You can edit your display name by typing out that information in the corresponding field. You can change your reply-to email by selecting from the options in the corresponding drop-down menu. If you want to add a different reply-to email, click Add a custom email

5. Enter your desired reply-to email and click Add Email. If you selected an already existing email address from the drop-down, click Save Changes.

6. You can edit your custom email by clicking the edit icon,  and remove a custom email by clicking the delete icon.


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