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Create and Send an Envelope in DocuSign

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Envelopes are what we use to send, sign, and complete forms in DocuSign. Envelopes contain important information about the recipient, documents, document fields, and timestamps to track the delivery progress. They also contain information about the sender, as well as security and authentication information, and more. Use the resources below to learn how to navigate within a DocuSign envelope:

1. In the Opportunity, access the DocuSign Room that you will be creating the envelope for.

  • Click here to learn how to access the DocuSign room for an Opportunity.

2. Add all of the required forms to the Documents tabs or the DocuSign Room.

  • Click here to learn how to add documents to a DocuSign Room.

3. Click the Envelopes tab, at the top of the page, then at the top right of the page, click + New.


You will be directed to a page where you will fill out fields of information for the Envelope:

4. Enter the Envelope Name. This is also the subject line of the email, once it is sent off for signatures.

5. You will then add documents to the Envelope:

Add a document from the Room:

  1. Click Room Docs, select the desired documents, and click Add Selected when done.

Use a Template

  1. Click Use a Template.
  2. On the left side of the page, click Shared with Me, to use Templates that your Market Center has created for you, or stay on the My Templates page, if you have already created Templates for yourself.
  3. Select the desired Templates, and click Add Selected when done.

6. Now we need to add recipients. For each of the recipients, click the Add Recipient drop-down and select one of the options below:

  • Pre-Tagged Roles - if you selected documents that were added by DocuSign/ZipForms, or selected a Template, you will want to use this option. The forms will include DocuSign fields that are unique to a specific signer, which you must label using this option.
    • A pop-up will appear, use the checkboxes to select the role you want to add.
    • You will then need to use the Recipient drop-down to match the role with the correct recipient. For example, I set Paul as Buyer 1 here. Paul will then complete all of the fields that have been tagged for the Buyer 1 role.

  • Room Participants - use this option to add anyone who has been invited to the Room, in the People tab.

  • Email Address - using this option, you can add anyone to the Envelope by including their name and email address.

7. For each person you added to the Envelope, click the two drop-downs to specify if the recipient needs to sign, view, or receive a copy of the envelope as well add access authentication or a private message.

8. Enter your email subject and email message in the corresponding fields.

9. Once this is done, click Next in the top right hand corner.

10. You will now see the documents you added to the Envelope, with all of the labeled fields. The last step you will take is to make any final edits to these documents. The edits you make to the documents here will not update the forms in the Room, they are only for this specific Envelope. Once you are ready, click Send, at the top right of the page.


Once these forms have been signed, you will see them in your Room documents list, with a Signed status.


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