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Create and Publish a Standalone Landing Page

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Command makes it easy to create dynamic landing pages for you to share with the public as a standalone page. 

To learn how to create a page, follow the steps below:


1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.

2. Click the Consumer icon, on the left side bar.

3. Click Create a new Site, at the top right of the page.


4. Select the page type and click Create Page.


5. Use the Landing Page Editor to create your landing page template. You will see a list of widgets, on the right side of the editor, that you can drag and drop on to the page. The widgets you add to the template will be filled with placeholder information. In the next step, you will configure these widgets to show the correct information.

You can use multiple of the following widgets on the same landing page:
  • Market Snap
  • Listing
  • Lead Form
  • Video

6. When the page is set up the way you want, click Configure Widgets, at the bottom right of the page.


7. Each Widget you added to the template will show on the right side of the page, and will have fields for you to complete. Complete all of the applicable fields for each widget section, clicking Save and Apply, at the bottom right of the page, as you go.


8. At the top left of the page, edit the name the page.

9. Click Save Landing Page or Publish Page when finished. If you click Publish, it will create a live web page that you can then share. 

You can find the web address of your new page on the Landing Pages tab of the Sites Dashboard. Once you have the web address, you can then share the page anywhere you want.

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