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Create and Manage Lead Sources in Command

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In addition to the list of system lead sources that are available, we can now create custom lead sources. These custom lead sources can be applied to leads and contacts, allowing us to track where business is coming from. Once created, you can easily edit and delete these, as needed.

To learn how to create and manage custom lead sources, follow the steps below:


1. Log in to with your KW login credentials.

2. Click your name, at the top right of the page, and choose Settings from the drop-down.

3. On the left side of the page, click Command Settings, click Contacts, then select Lead Sources from the drop-down.

4. At the top right of the page, click Create Custom Lead Source.

5. Enter the Source Name, choose a Source Category, from the drop-down, then click Create Source.


Your new custom lead source is now ready for you to add to your leads/contacts.

  • Click here to learn how to add lead sources to lead/contacts.


Manage Lead Sources

1. On the Lead Sources Settings page, you will see all of the tags you have created. Use the Edit button to edit the name and category of each custom lead source. Select the Delete button if you want to get rid of an unwanted custom lead source.



You will see the number of contacts associated with each lead source, in the Linked Contacts column, you will not be able to delete a custom lead source if there are any contacts assigned to it. You can click on the number of assigned contacts, to see those contacts in your database. 


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