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Create and Edit Custom Fields

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While Command has many fields to add to a contact, every agent's business is different, and we recognize that you might need to add information that we have not considered. To allow you to customize how you set up Contacts, you are able to create custom fields for your contacts. If you need to add information to your contacts for organizational purposes, instead of creating custom tags, or labels, for each of the possible pieces of information, create a custom field and sort your database based on the info that is entered. Once you create a custom field, you can edit or delete it.

To learn how to create and edit custom fields, follow the steps below:


1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.


2. Click your Name in the top right corner, and then select Settings.


3. On the left side of the page, click Command Settings, then click Contacts, and select Custom Fields from the drop-down.


Create a New Custom Field

1. Click the Create New Custom Field button.

2. Complete the Add New Custom Field form. The "Custom Field Name" is the title and the "Custom Field Type" is how you will enter your data (Text Field, Dropdown, etc.).

3. If you want this Custom Field to be listed on the "Select Custom Field" dropdown in Contacts when you add or edit a contact, select the Make Default Field checkbox.

4. Click Create when you are finished. Edit or Delete a Custom Field Once you create a Custom Field, you can edit or delete it.

Follow these steps to edit: 

1. Locate the field you want to edit on the Custom Field list (located in Custom Fields>Settings).

2. Click the Edit icon, enter the changes on the "Edit Custom Field" form, and click Save.


Follow these steps to delete:

1. Locate the field you want to delete on the Custom Field list (located in Custom Fields>Settings).

2. Click the Delete icon, and click Delete on the "Delete Custom Field" form to confirm.


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