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Create and Configure a Multi-Listing Social Ad Campaign

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With Campaigns, you can create a Facebook or Instagram post and attach up to 5 listings to that same post. To learn how to create a multi-listing social ad campaign, please follow the steps below:

  • Connect your social media account(s) through Command "Settings" before you create an ad campaign. Click here to learn how to use "Settings" to connect your outside applications to Keller Cloud.


  • Facebook and Instagram ads are paid through a credit card you add on the "Payment Profile" page. It is important to set up your payment profile before you create a digital ad. Click here to learn more about how to set up and manage your payment profile and see your credit.


1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.


2. Click the Campaigns icon,, on the left side bar.


3. Click Create New at the top right of the page.




If your initial Campaigns dashboard does not appear like the image above, don't worry - everybody will have a different dashboard depending on their usage of Campaigns in the past 3 months. There are three levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Click here to learn more.


4. Select Social Ad.

5. On the "New Social Ad Campaign" page, you will fill out the following form:

 It is recommended that you add a title that will be easy for you to identify the campaign later. This title will be listed on your "My Marketing Campaigns" section.

 Select Advertise Multiple Listings for the goal.

 Choose the social media platforms where you want to market your ad. You have the option to run the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or both just select or deselect either of the social media options. If you try to select a channel that you have not connected in settings, you will see a message appear that will allow you to connect your account, without leaving the form.


  • You have the option to run the campaign on Facebook, Instagram, or both just select or deselect either of the social media options.


  • If you try to select a channel that you have not connected in settings, you will see a message appear that will allow you to connect your account, without leaving the form.





6. Click Set Up Campaign, you will be taken to the "Review and Customize Your Campaign" page.



Campaigns is connected to KWLS. When you click Set Up Campaign, a listing panel will appear. You can search your listings and select the listings you want to feature:

7. Click Select once you found your desired property. This will load the listing details and photos into the form, for you to utilize in the ad.




You must select at least 3 listings to run a multi-listing social ad.

You can select up to 5 listings to run in a multi-listing social ad.



8. Click Confirm Selection, located at the bottom of the listing panel. 



9. If you need to change the order of the listings,  click the grid icon, , and drag the listing to the desired position. If you need to change a listing, click Change Listing and the listing panel will appear. If you need to remove a listing you can do so by clicking the remove icon, , and if you need to add additional listings to the ad, click Add more Listings.



Ad Text

This information will be displayed to your audience when they are viewing your ad.

10. Click Configure, fill out the information in each field, and click Save Ad Text when you are finished.



Carousel Media

You will select one image for each of the listings in your social ad.

11. Click Configure and click Select Media for this Campaign.



12. Select your image and click Preview & Crop Image.



13. Set your crop parameters and click Save Image.


You can also re-crop the image, change the image, or delete the image once you have made a selection.


14. Enter your headline and description for the listing. you can use a generated headline or description by clicking Use Suggestion. You can also change the generated descriptions by clicking Shuffle.




The character limit for the "Headline" field is 100.

The character limit for the "Description" field is 250.




15. Select the destination for people viewing the ad, select the Button Call-to Action Label, and enter a follow-up destination URL or click Choose Site to select a Site Page from the drop-down.


  • Button Call-to-Action Label - Facebook has a few options to choose from for your link button. You will make the selection from that drop-down.
  • Follow- up Destination URL - This is the website your audience will be taken to. You can use your own site or you can also select a Site Page you've created by clicking Choose Site and a drop-down menu of your Landing Pages will appear.



16. Proceed to the other listings that were selected and complete this same section.



17. When you have completed this section for each listing you have selected, click Save Ad Media.




All listing photos in social ads will have a DBA logo automatically added to the photo which will be pulled from your Marketing Profile. If you need to access your DBA logo, click the "Click Here" link and you will be able to find and download your DBA logo. You can remove the DBA logo by clicking the X icon and replace it.

Brokerage and listing attributions will be automatically added to all listing photos also.

You can have your ownership statement added to the listing photo as well, but it is not required.



Social Media

This content section is where you will choose the Facebook profile and business page the ad will be published on. You will also select the ad type and ad content as well as selecting if you would like to use advanced targeting. This section will be completed the same way whether you have selected Facebook, Instagram, or both as your social media channel(s).


18. Click Configure and select the page that will display the ad from the corresponding drop-down.




You must create your Facebook Business Page, before you can create a Facebook or Instagram Social Ad Campaign.




Ad Targeting 

With ad targeting, you can let your audience be set automatically or you can customize the audience by clicking the Use Custom Settings toggle. With Custom Settings, you can select targeting parameter to hone in on your ideal audience or you can target your database. You may also choose both options.

19. Select your target audience and set your location and radius. You may also select or search for any interests you'd like to target as well. Click Save when finished.


  • Target my Database - You can specifically target your own database by selecting an audience from the "Select Audience" drop-down. If you do not have an audience, you can create an audience by clicking Create New Audience. To learn about targeting your database, click here.
  • Target a Custom Audience -  Select the Location and Radius of your target audience.
    You can also target by interests as well.


Duration and Budget

This is where you set how long the campaign will run and the budget for the campaign.

20. Set your duration and budget for the ad. Click Save Duration & Budget when finished.


  • If you change the duration of the campaign, that will also change the daily amount spent.
  • If you change the total amount, that will also change the daily amount spent.



Preview Your Ad

A preview of your final ad will display in the top right.  The listings will carousel in the same order they were set. Preview your ad for accuracy before you save it. You can also view a mobile preview by clicking the drop-down and selecting the mobile option.



Save as Draft/Publish Campaign

21. Once you have completed and reviewed your ad, either click Save as Draft or Publish Campaign.



Once you save your ad, you can view it on the "My Marketing Campaigns" page. Both "Draft" and "Active" campaigns will display on the "Paid Ads" list.

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