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Create a Task

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Tasks in Command makes it easy to see what you need to get accomplished for your business. These tasks come from SmartPlans, Opportunity checklists, or could be tasks that you manually enter in the system.


1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.


2. Click the Tasks icon, on the left sidebar.


3. Click Create New Task, at the top right of the page.


4. Enter the task name, select a due date (if you uncheck the "All Day" checkbox, you will have the option to select the time of day for your due date), enter a task description (optional), attach any files you need to complete the task (optional), and add any hyperlinks you will need to complete the task (optional).


5. If needed, click Associate Contacts, to add specific contacts to the task (optional).

  1. Use the search to find the contacts.
  2. Click the Add Contact icon for each contact you want to add.
  3. Once you have chosen all of the contacts to add to the task, click Assign Contacts, .


6. Click Create Task.


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