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Create a Quarterly Personally-branded Magazine Print Design

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The Designs print template library now includes a personally-branded quarterly magazine that you have the ability to personalize and download. This magazine includes three informative articles, and plenty of design space where you can customize branding, add testimonials, promote local businesses or organizations, feature listings, and much more. 

You can personalize the design to your business and local situation, download, and then send to a local printing shop. 

To create your quarterly personally-branded magazine print design:



1. Log in to with your KW login credentials.    

2. Click the Designs icon, on the left sidebar. 

3. At the bottom right of this screen, click the blue Create Content button.

4. On the Create Content page, choose Print then click Next.

5. On the left side of the page, choose the Lead Generation category, select Personally-Branded Zine, and then click the red Use button on the actual template.

Add Pages

By default, no pages are added to the template. You must look at the list of pages, to the left of the edit screen, hover over the page you want to add, and click the plus sign. You will see the number of pages, shown at the bottom of the screen, increase every time you do this.


Delete Pages

If you need to delete a page that has been added to the list, click the Pages button, at the bottom of the page, hover over the page you want to delete, click the down arrow on the page, then click the delete iconConfirm that you want to remove and it will be removed from the list.


Change the Page Order

If you want to change the order of the pages you have added, click the Pages button, at the bottom of the page, then drag and drop the page where you want it.


Edit the Page Content

While most of the page details are fully editable, you are not able to edit the three articles that have been created for the specific quarterly magazine. You will need to look through every section, of every page that you add to ensure there is no generic content.


Download the Magazine

Once you have made the edits you want to the design, you will need to download a PDF version of the design, and have it printed. Once you have printed versions, you will be able to share it however you want.

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