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Create a Custom SmartPlan

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SmartPlan text messages and emails are sent out within the window of 10am-6pm CST. If an agent attempts to start one at 7pm, although it appears that the text/email should send immediately, it may be held from being sent until 10am the following morning.



In Command, you can now create customized SmartPlans to fit the unique needs of your business.
This means you can add and remove steps, insert Simple or HTML emails, insert text messages, add tasks, set delays, and set your SmartPlan to repeat if need be. 

To create a SmartPlan:


1. Log in to with your Keller Williams login credentials.

2. Click the SmartPlans icon, on the left side of the home page.

3. Click Create, at the top right of the page.

4. Enter your SmartPlan name and click Apply.

Add Triggers to the SmartPlan

Users now have the ability to add contact tag triggers to a SmartPlan. This means, that you can add a tag as a SmartPlan trigger, then any lead/contact that you add that tag to will be automatically added to the SmartPlan.

  • This is a "going forward" trigger, meaning that if a lead/contact already has the tag, they won't be automatically added to the SmartPlan.
  • You can add up to 10 contact tag triggers to a SmartPlan
  • This is only to add people to a SmartPlan. If you remove a tag from a lead/contact, it will not remove them from the SmartPlan.
  • If you edit a tag in your Command Settings, that tag trigger will update automatically in SmartPlans
  • Deleting a tag in Settings will also remove the trigger from the SmartPlan automatically.
  • Publishing a SmartPlan to the Shared Library will remove all contact tag triggers from the SmartPlan.
  • You must add at least one step and save, then you will be able to add these triggers

Select an Action

Click on an action from the right side of the screen, to add it to the SmartPlan workflow. Once it is added, scroll to that added action step and edit the details.

 Create Task - You can create a touch or non-touch task.

  1. Name the task.
  2. Set a due date (# of days).
  3. Give the reminder a description.
  4. Add any hyperlinks that are applicable  to the reminder.
  5. Click the Save icon, , when ready.

 Make a Call - You can create a phone call task.

  1. Name the call task.
  2. Give the call reminder a description.
  3. Click the Save icon, , when ready.

 Send Email - You can send a Simple Email or an HTML email and use of KW's email templates.

  1. Select the mail type.
  2. Enter an Email Subject.
  3. Enter the From Email Address.
  4. Click the Save icon, when ready.

When editing an email step, you will see two email types:

  • Simple - with this option, you will just type out your email message and you have some basic formatting tools available.

  • HTML - with this option, you will be able to select a template from Designs and edit it from within the SmartPlan editor.
    • Click here to learn how to use the Command email editor.

 Send SMS/MMS - You can send a text message from your SmartPlan.

  1. Select the message type.
  2. Type out your message(s).
  3. Click the Save icon, when ready.

When editing an SMS/MMS, you will see two message types:

  • Static - with this option, you can set one text message that will be sent in this step, which will repeat if the SmartPlan repeats.
  • Dynamic - with this option, you can add multiple text messages for the same step. Each time the SmartPlan repeats, it will send a different text message to your contact, when this step is triggered.



You will need to have a Twilio account set up to send automatic texts from Command. If you do not have Twilio setup in Settings, these SMS/MMS steps will be skipped.

  •  Click here to learn how to set up your Twilio account.

You will see Merge Fields (e.g. {}, {}, {}, ect.) in email and text steps. These will auto-populate with information from the contact record, and make a more personalized message.
To add your own Merge Fields, click the Merge Fields icon, , to the right of text box, and select from the drop-down list.

 Set Delay - You can use a delay when you want to space out your SmartPlan steps. Be purposeful about setting Delays in between steps. If a Delay isn't added in between the steps, they will all launch immediately right after each other.

  1. Add a delay after or before any step you add to the SmartPlan.
  2. Designate the length of the delay using the up and down arrows.
  3. Click the Save icon, when ready. 

 Add to SmartPlan - If you want the contacts of your SmartPlan to be added to another SmartPlan automatically, you can select this step and choose which SmartPlan you want your contacts to be added to.

  1. Select the SmartPlan
  2. Click the Save icon, when ready. 

 Restart Flow -This will restart the SmartPlan from the beginning.

  1. Set a Delay before the plan restarts, using the Set Delay action.
  2. Use the arrows to set how many times you want the SmartPlan to repeat. A SmartPlan can be repeated up to 6 times. If you wish to restart the SmartPlan more than 6 times you will have to set it to Unlimited.
  3. If you set the SmartPlan to repeat itself an Unlimited amount of times, the SmartPlan will repeat until the contact is removed or you deactivate the plan.
  4. Click the Save icon, when ready. 

Remove a Step

1. If you want to remove a step, click the X, at the bottom right of the step.

2. Click Remove to confirm.



Click Save, at the top right of the page, when you're finished.


  • Click here to learn how to add contacts to a SmartPlan.
  • Click here to learn how to remove or unsubscribe contacts from a SmartPlan.
  • Click here to learn how to edit a SmartPlan.


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