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Convert SMS Message to MMS Messsage

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When composing a text message in Command with Twilio if a user reaches a certain character count while also using emojis, a prompt will appear recommending the user to change the message from SMS to MMS to save credits. This happens by the user attaching a file to the message then once the credit cost is recalculated the adjustment to the credit amount being spent will change.

To convert an SMS message to an MMS message:


1. Log in to with your KW login credentials.


2. Click the Contacts icon,  on the left side bar.


3. Find the lead/contact in your database, and click on the lead/contact's name.


4. In the Phones section of their contact record, click on their phone number (this must be a phone number that accepts texts), and select Send Text with Twilio.


5. Type out your message and add the desired emojis. You can see how many credits the text message will cost by clicking Calculate Cost or Verify & Send.


6. After the credit cost has been calculated, a message will appear suggesting to change the message to MMS to save credits. In order to do so click the upload icon, , and select any image, gif, or video you'd like to include. 

  • If you prefer to not send an actual file that can be seen by the recipient, you can also attach a clear png file as well that is located at the bottom of this article. When the recipient receives the message they will not see this file included with it.


7. Click Calculate Cost or Verify & Send after the file has been attached. On the right hand side, the updated total credit will be displayed. Once you are ready to send the text message, click Send Message.


The message will be sent and the recipient won't see the file that was attached.


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