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Configure Your Facebook Ad Campaign

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Before you configure your Facebook Ad Campaign, you need to have completed the "Create New Campaign" page and selected Facebook as an ad channel.

Once you finish the first step, setting up the initial details of the ad, follow the steps below to configure your Facebook Ad Campaign:

Add a Listing
Campaigns is connected to KWLS 2.0, which means it is connected to the same listing feed as your KW App and Site. If you have selected "Advertise Listing" as your goal, the screen to choose the listing you want to highlight will open automatically.

If you chose another goal, you can use the listing section to add a listing, though it is not required:

1. Click Add a Listing.

2. Search for the property you want to feature:

  • Search for the listing by Property Address, MLS Number, or Listing Agent.

  • Use the Status drop-down, to filter by listing status.

  • Use the Show drop-down, to switch between your personal listings and all listings.

3. Click Select, once you found your desired property. This will load the listing details and photos into the form, for you to utilize in the ad.

4. If you need to change the property, click Change Listing and the listing panel will reappear.


Ad Text

1. Fill out the information that will be displayed to your audience when they are viewing your ad:

  • Main Copy 
    The "Main Copyfield will be automatically entered with information from the KWLS listing. You can edit this information. The character limit for the "Main Copy" field is 250.
  • Headline
    You can enter your headline in this field. The character limit for the "Headline" field is 100.
  • Description
    You can either enter your own description, which will show underneath the Headline in the ad, or you can use a generated description by clicking Use Suggestion, at the top right of the Description textbox. You can also change the generated descriptions by clicking Shuffle. The character limit for the "Description" field is 250.

2. Click Save Ad Text, when you are done with this section.


Ad Media
In this section, you can either use a single image, single video, or multiple images for your campaign - up to six. You can also edit your Market Center's DBA logo, which should pull in from your Marketing Profile.

  1. Click Configure.

  2. In this section, you can add images from the listing feed, add custom images (up to 5 images), or you can add a video (a KW Neighborhood SmartVideo, a custom video file, or a custom video).

    • If you attached a listing to the ad, then you will see the primary listing photo, from the listing feed, will already be selected. Click the three dots on the added image to see the option to Change, Crop, or Delete the added image. Click Add More, to add additional images.

    • If you did not attach a listing to this ad, click Select Media for this Campaign. This will bring up a pop-up window where you can add custom images or a custom video.

      • When selecting Images, you have the option of utilizing social designs that you have created in the Designs applet, and you can pull these in directly from your Designs library.

        • Click here to learn how to create social media designs for your social ads in Command.

  3. If you added images from the listing feed, the system will require you to add your DBA Logo. This will automatically pull in from your Marketing Profile, but you have the option of replacing it with a logo from your computer. This logo will appear in either the bottom left or right of the ad.

    • Below the DBA Logo section, choose to add the image in either the bottom left or right of the ad. The preview, on the right side of the page, will show you what this will look like.
    • Check the Include My Ownership Statement checkbox, if you want this to display as well. If you check this box, it will auto-populate the text for this, but you have the ability to edit this statement. Click Apply, when ready.

  4. Click Save Media when finished.

Facebook Ad
The Facebook content section is where you will choose the Facebook profile and business page the ad will be published on. You will also select how you will capture leads from this ad, and where to send them if they are interested.

1. Click Configure and select the page that will display the ad from the corresponding drop-down.

2. Select the lead capture method you want to use for this ad. 

  • Button Call-to-Action Label -Facebook has a few options to choose from for your link button. Use the drop-down to select this label.
  • Destination URL - you will see different verbiage here, depending on the lead capture method you chose. You can use your own site or you can also select a Site Page you've created by clicking Choose Site and a drop-down menu of your Landing Pages will appear.

    • If you chose "Use Facebook lead generation form," when a consumer clicks to learn more, Facebook will capture the information from their Facebook profile. You are choosing the page you want them to go to, after this happens.
    • If you chose "Use a Site or Landing Page," the consumer will be directed to whatever Destination URL you enter, and that page will have to handle the lead capture. Using this method will not capture any of the consumer's Facebook information and requires the consumer to type out more of their info into the lead capture form, this is not the recommended method.

3. Set the targeting for the ad. You can target your database and/or target a custom audience, based on location and interest:



If you attached a listing to this ad, the system will automatically target the city the listing is in, and set the target radius as 20 miles. If you want to edit the targeting, click the Use Custom Settings toggle.


Target My Database

  • If you want this ad to go to people in your database, check the Target My Database checkbox. This will allow you to create audiences base on tags or neighborhoods that have been added to your contacts. Campaigns will use the Facebook profile you have added to their contact record, or the email address (this must match the email address they are using in their FB account), if there is no Facebook profile added.

  • Select the audience an audience from the drop-down menu, if you have already created one. You can select multiple audiences in this way. You will see the audience count next to the audience name, if the total number of leads/contacts is too low, you will see a message letting you know to increase the audience size. Your ad may not get delivered correctly if there are not enough people to send it to.

  • If you don't have an audience created, click the Create New Audience button.

    • When creating an audience you will need to name the audience first.

    •  Next, you will select whether you want to target by tags or audience.

    • Then you will search and select the tags or neighborhoods you want to target and click Create when finished.


Target a Custom Audience

  • In the Location section, start typing the city you want to target, then select it from the drop-down. In the Radius section, enter the radius of the targeting, in miles.

  • Click Add or change interests

  • Click the checkbox by the name of the interest(s).

  • Click Save Selection.


 4. You can add additional interests by clicking Narrow Audience. Click Save Facebook Ad when done.




Lead Settings - Labs Participants Only

In this section users can select what they would like to happen to leads that from this campaign. The options are to auto-tag the leads with Contact Tags and they can also be automatically added to SmartPlans as well. The SmartPlans would need to be added to the users My SmartPlans list in order for them to appear in the corresponding drop-down.


1. Start typing out the name of the desired contact tag and select from the list results. Multiple contact tags can be selected.


2. If the contact tag doesn't exist, type out the name of the tag, and click Create Tag.


3. Select the color for the tag then click Add


  • You can remove a tag that has been selected by clicking the X icon beside the tag name.



Duration and Budget

This is where you set how long the campaign will run and the budget for the campaign.

  • Set your duration and budget for the ad. Click Save Duration & Budget when finished.

  • If you change the duration of the campaign, that will also change the daily amount spent.

  • If you change the total amount, that will also change the daily amount spent.


Preview Your Ad

A preview of your final ad will display in the top right. Preview your ad for accuracy before you save it. You can also view a mobile preview by clicking the drop-down and selecting the mobile option.


Save as Draft/Publish Campaign

Once you have completed and reviewed your ad, either click Save as Draft or Publish Campaign.


After you saved or published your ad, you can view it on the "My Marketing Campaigns" page. Both "Draft" and "Active" campaigns will display on the "Paid Ads" list.


Confirmation Email

Once you have published your campaign, an email will be sent to the email address associated with your Command account confirming the amount that was charged to your card on file.


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